Top 5 Drivers of the Global IT Support Services Market

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A sub-category of IT services, IT support services comprises of the optimization of IT-related operational activities through proactive monitoring, maintenance, protection, and provisioning of IT tools and applications. These services mainly include:

  • Hardware services: involves maintenance, repair & replacement, security as well as configuration of hardware
  • Software services: deals with testing, monitoring, suggesting updates as well as providing protection against cyberattacks
  • Network services: comprises of deployment and migration of network equipment and services, analysis of network performance and other network-related operations
  • Storage support services: includes audits and implementing measures to optimize servers in data centers, migration of data from one storage platform to another, assessment of security threats and initiation of protective measures and data backup
  • Service desk services: deals with 24/7 IT-related queries in different languages from across the globe, mobile device management, setting up of service desks on behalf of clients, real-time dashboards and analysis of customer experience


Major drivers of the IT support services market

Increased demand for cloud based services

Cloud based services enable faster turnaround time (TAT) and support services. This is why organizations across the globe are switching to cloud based services as they enable them to reduce their capital expenditure on IT. Also, as governments are investing heavily in the IT sector, the demand for IT support services has grown significantly.

Focus on self-service tools

Another major driver of IT support services is the increased interest in the use of self-service tools. These tools help in tackling tactical errors in IT systems/infrastructure and reduce the downtime involved in the work process and issue resolution. It is for this reason that IBM is investing in the development of knowledge bases to help customers deal with tactical errors in IT processes.

Integration of support services with social media

As the social media industry is expected to be adopted as a service channel by 65%–80% of companies over the next five years, there is a growing trend towards integrating IT support services along with it. This integration not only reduces the costs and complexity of the entire IT system but also provides easy access to support services, thereby driving the need for better IT support.

Increased investment by small and medium enterprises (SMEs)

The demand from SMEs for IT infrastructure has increased by 15%-30% over the past 2-4 years, which has greatly contributed to the growth of the support services market. SMEs across sectors such as e-commerce, particularly start-ups like Swiggy, whose entire business depends on IT infrastructure, are investing heavily in IT support services.

Varied end-user market

The need for IT support services is no longer limited to IT companies alone. Now even pharmaceutical, retail, and utility companies have increased their investments in IT to improve the efficiency of their business operations. For instance, in India, the IT spend of large organizations in the retail and healthcare sectors increased by 14% in 2015.


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