Technavio expects global gait biometrics market to cross $69 million by 2020

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Gait biometrics: Key market research findings

  • Gait analyzing applications in smartphones
  • Strong demand in sports sector

Technavio has released a new market research report on the global gait biometrics market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 13% between 2016 and 2020. Gait recognition is used to enhance physical security solutions by integrating gait biometric solution in video surveillance systems to identify intruders. Of late, the vendors have introduced portable gait recognition systems which can be implemented even in a practice field.  The Americas is the major revenue-contributing region in the global gait biometrics market, accounting for 47% of the overall market share. Gait is being highly adopted in the healthcare and sports sectors, research, and rehabilitation in North America.

Applications of gait biometrics

The new industry research report from Technavio discusses in detail the key drivers and trends responsible for the growth of this market and its sub-segments.

“Various mobile application developers have introduced mobile applications with capabilities of gait analysis. Gait biometrics have gained wide acceptance among individual users, and this has led to gait assessment applications in smartphones. Apple’s iTunes store has GaitAnalysisPro and Gaitometer applications which can help users analyze their steps while walking or running,” says Amrita Chaudury, Lead Analyst, ICT, Technavio Research

Gait analyzers are gaining high traction in the sports sector. Technological advancements have prompted vendors to research on newer methods to implement these emerging technologies into their innovative systems. Gait biometrics is being used by athletes to test and analyze their running capabilities and postures and also analyze types of shoes best fit for them. This technology is expected to be the next revolution after gesture recognition technology

The leading vendors in the global gait biometrics market are Motek Medical, Tekscan, Qualisys and Medical Motion. This market is in its nascent stage; however, intense competition prevails in this market. Huge growth potential of this market is expected to encourage the entry of new players during the forecast period. Several players are adopting M&A strategies to increase their market share and expand their product portfolio.

A more detailed analysis is available in the Technavio report, Global Gait Biometrics Market 2016-2020.

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