Refrigerated Road Transport Market

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Export of fresh products is often known for involving frequent handling and long duration of journey. What we all expect from this type of transportation is simple: receiving a product that retains maximum freshness and can be offered for final sale.
And this is just possible thanks to good Refrigerated Road Transportation, which ensures that products such as plants, flowers, food or  pharmaceutical products are not only well transported but also delivered in best quality.
The vehicles used for this kind of transportation- from vans, trailers, heavy & small trucks – have a capacity that varies between 3.5 to 7.5 t (tonne). Currently around 12 million of these types of vehicles represent the total number of Refrigerated Road Transport vehicles, worldwide.
TechNavioTM Insights has developed for this very specific market, a report that provides a general insight of the global industry: Did you know that Europe contributes 20% of the total freight volume of the world, out of which, 3% of the road transport belongs to the Refrigerated Road Transport market?
Also if your business operations require an in depth view on the Refrigerated Road Transport industry within a specific country, like the UK, this report is just tailor-made for you.
Depending not only on the type of ownership of the vehicles (i.e. hired/rental and purchased) but also on its capacity, TechNavioTM Insights has carried out a market segmentation.
Further, the market sizing has been estimated on the basis of the number of Refrigerated Road Transport vehicles found in the UK, which will definitely be of great interest if your company operates in this industry.
Just by going though its trends analysis in pricing of rental/hired, contracted or purchased Refrigerated Road Transport vehicles, you will be able to understand the current scenario of this very specific market.
Last but not the least, if you wish to keep track of the growth trends, you can discover all this, together with detailed profiles of the main players and inhibitors of the industry, such as Petit Forestier.
And remember, TechNavioTM Insights expects the Road Freight Transport to grow at a rate of 2.5% until 2030.
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