IT Market in Argentina

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According to one of the TechnavioTM analysts, the market for IT services in Argentina is forecast to reach $2,455 million in 2010 from $1,389 million in 2007, growing at a CAGR of 20.9 percent.
What are the main trends observed within this specific market? One of the factors that can be mentioned is the domestic software market. In fact, Argentina is especially well-known by a large number of new SMEs present in the software market. Client hardware market and outsourcing opportunities are also growing rapidly, together with the broadband market.  Undoubtedly, intellectual property rights are much of an influence when it comes to the growth of the overall IT market.
An interesting fact is that the use of technology is being promoted by the Trade Association of Software Business and IT Services through its digital plan with the aim of supporting different sectors. Education, electronic government, and digital security are just some of the areas where the use of technology is currently being encouraged. Likewise, encouragement is also provided to the country™s IT market thanks to tax deductions to the export oriented software companies.
This time you can approach the ™ ˜IT Market in Argentina™ in a different way: TechNavioTM Insights has decided to  provide with very comprehensive data and forecasts for 2010, by offering a report that comments on the key software, hardware, IT services, and communication equipments & services prevalent in Argentina. This is how TechNavio has segmented the IT market in the country in order to forecast the period 2007-2010.
Moreover, by identifying and laying out the market size of the above-mentioned segments, TechNavioTM Insights keeps helping professionals understand the latest market dynamics, target technologies and verticals, and constantly increase sales within the organizations.
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