IPIN Technologies to Emerge as a Powerful Solution in the M2M and Connected Devices Sector Through 2021

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Technavio market research analysts foresee positive growth for many segments of the machine to machine (M2M) and connected devices industry in the next five years. In their recent findings, Technavio talks about three booming markets under the machine to machine and connected devices industry that are anticipated to generate significant revenues and grow at a consistent rate during the forecast period.

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Global IPIN Market 2017-2021

The global IPIN market is expected to witness steady growth rate during the forecast period. There is a wider implementation of IPIN technological solutions in various business segments due to increased awareness and improved efficiency of indoor location services in due time. IPIN technologies are emerging as a powerful and cost-effective solution to cut-down operating expenses such as high marketing cost and infrastructure management cost in most of the retail stores, shopping malls, and SMEs.

The market is expected to witness the growing popularity of cloud-based big data analytics. Big data analytics provide enriching insights on consumer buying patterns so that retailers can increase sales volume and enhance customer search experiences. Advertising companies, such as Momo, use big data analytics to understand consumer insights. Request a sample report

Global Mobile VAS Market 2017-2021

Mobile VAS is emerging as the key aspect for the success and profit for several mobile operators and stakeholders present in the mobile value chain. As a result of the declining voice revenue in most of the countries worldwide, telecom operators are becoming dependent on mobile VAS to drive their revenue and improve the profit margin. The operators globally are focusing on enhancing their network management capabilities to provide strong and stable connectivity solutions for smart wearable applications. Further, 4G/LTE plays a major role in the market. The mobile data rate increases with the rise in the number of installations of LTE networks. Therefore, vendors require backhaul equipment for the transportation of data. Request a sample report

Global M2M Services Market 2017-2021

The global M2M services market is expected to grow rapidly during the forecast period. Increased adoption of M2M devices in connected health and connected car services and the rapid growth in the cellular M2M segment are expected to enhance the overall market revenue during the forecast period. Government organizations worldwide are also supporting the deployment of M2M services by investing billions of dollars in IoT.

Major companies such as Gemalto are developing and delivering a comprehensive ecosystem of products and technologies that enable M2M platforms to provide advanced and economic cloud-based solutions. The solutions help consumers perform a wide range of tasks, including interface design, application developments, and system integrations, using a single platform. Request a sample report

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