Global Industrial Wireless Sensors Market: Rising Adoption of Automation to Propel Growth of the Market in APAC

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Technavio, a tech-focused market research firm, has published a new report on the global industrial wireless sensors market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 11% during the forecast period 2017-2021.

Based on geographical segmentation, Technavio market researchers categorize the global industrial wireless sensors market into the following key regions: the Americas, APAC, and EMEA.

                                                                                                    Source: Technavio

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Top three contributors for the global industrial wireless sensors market are elaborated below

Industrial wireless sensors market in the Americas: The market for wireless industrial sensors in the Americas is driven by the investments in IIoT to increase productivity, track the performance of products after they leave the factory floor, and deliver high-quality products. The developments in IIoT during the forecast period is anticipated to result in the large-scale deployment of industrial wireless sensors in the Americas, leading to the growth of the market. The US is the key revenue contributing country in the industrial sensors market in the Americas.

According to Bharath Kanniappan, a lead analyst at Technavio, specializing in research on automation, “The growth of the market in the Americas over the next four years is likely to be concentrated in countries such as Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina. These developing countries are looking to increase their operational efficiency with the latest technologies in industrial wireless sensors and hence has great potential for growth.

Industrial wireless sensors market in APAC: The industrial wireless sensors market in APAC is driven by developing nations such as China, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, besides developed countries, such as Japan. Continuous upgrades and purchase of equipment in the mining, energy, construction, and food and beverage industries in the region are anticipated to favor market growth in the coming years. The adoption of automation during the forecast period is also an incentive for growth of the industrial wireless sensors market in APAC.

Industrial wireless sensors market in EMEA: The industrial wireless sensor market in EMEA is fragmented, with most of the original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) having their base in Europe. Rising manufacturing and supply chain costs and duties and the risks to intellectual property are compelling manufacturing companies in Europe to shift their operations to the Middle East and other developing countries.

The leading vendors operating in the global industrial wireless sensors market are:

  • ABB
  • Honeywell International
  • Rockwell Automation
  • Siemens AG

Other prominent vendors in the market include Baumer, Curtiss-Wright Corporation, Danfoss, Emerson, General Electric, JUMO, ProTAACS, SCHMIDT Technology, Schneider Electric, Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Tech, Shenzhen Sensor Electronic Technology, SIKO, Texas Instruments Incorporated, Johnson Controls International plc, and Yokogawa Electric Corporation.

A more detailed analysis is available in the Technavio report titled, ‘Global Industrial Wireless Sensors Market 2017-2021’. Technavio also customizes reports by other regions and specific segments upon request.

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