Ground Protection Mats : Shielding the Turf, Responsibly and Profitably

From oil and gas industry to infrastructure and construction sector, the perilous zones of operations in these segments demand the usage of products that can protect the surface or turf of ground from damages arising out of foot traffic, machinery and vehicles. The highly durable ground protection mats made of high-density materials are skilled at…

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America’s Obsession with Yoga is Good News for the Global Yoga Mats Market

One of the most telling symbols of the post-modern age, referencing the growing dedication towards personal health and symbolizing a powerful and productive exercise regime is the humble yoga mat. A rectangular piece of fabric, usually made from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) or a strategic mix of jute and rubber, yoga mats are tasked with keeping…

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Brain Health Supplements

Brain Health Supplements: The Go-to Nutrition for Boosting Brain Health

A healthy brain can mean apt mental development, strong cognitive function, great learning skills, and a high quality of life. The extreme requisite to accomplish day-to-day undertakings that turn out to be difficult with age is driving the massive demand for several brain health supplements in the health and wellness industry. Often termed as smart…

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What does it take to Flash the Perfect Smile? (Self Esteem and a USD 3 billion Industry)

The human smile. Mesmerizing, attractive and highly overrated. With age and sustained abuse, our teeth loose their sheen, sport a dull color and are a universal source of embarrassment. Thankfully, the specialty of Teeth Whitening is right on tow, and more and more people are rediscovering their charming smiles thanks to fifteen minutes spent daily…

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lab equipment

The Global Market of Lab Consumables Is Booming: Here’s Why

The growth of biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries have further boosted the market for lab consumables as well. Especially in developing countries, which already lack decent primary healthcare services, the demand for lab services is rather high. This is clearly reflected in Technavio’s latest report which expects the market for lab consumables to grow at a…

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Jet Ski

Jet Ski Racing Leading to Increased Sales of Safety Equipment

Though widely viewed as a recreational activity, jet skiing and jet ski racing is increasingly being considered a serious competitive sport around the world. The upcoming World Beach Games—which were initially planned to debut in San Diego, California, US this year, but have been pushed back to 2019—are currently one of the major factors driving…

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Sustainability Practices Procurement Managers Are Aiming For In The Global Hosting Services Market

A strong web presence is one of the essential elements for buyers to enhance their brand value and build a strong connect with their customers. Even the SMEs are working towards enhancing their web presence, which according to procurement specialists is one of the major drivers of the global hosting services market. Category managers give…

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Cannabis Market

Top Procurement Drivers Which Will Influence the Global Laboratory Equipment Market

The laboratory equipment market is booming, thanks to the huge scale investments in scientific and medical R&D – especially in emerging economies like India, China, and South Korea. Keeping this development in mind, category managers have adopted strategies which will help them procure the best equipment in a cost-effective manner. Hiring suppliers who provide bundled…

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Demand Supply Analysis: Category Managers’ Guide To Procuring Effective Insurance Services

Procurement managers have always been cautious when it comes to the volatility in the insurance market. While improvements in regulatory measures, product innovations, and a decrease in premium costs have helped buyers – increase in inflation rates, the emergence of P2P (peer to peer) operating model and low adoption of technology have kept the suppliers…

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