Cosmetic Surgery

Top 10 Vendors in the Global Cosmetic Surgery Market

Nothing explains the importance of looks, like the growth of the global cosmetic surgery market. From enhancing one’s confidence level, to being a major game changer in professional and social situations, cosmetic surgery is seen by many as that one magic element which can influence and bring in positive changes in life. Noninvasive surgeries along…

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Vending Vape : E-cigarettes Help Shun the Cancer Stick, but Regulations May Force Opportunities to Go Up in Smoke!

While billions of cigarette smokers across the world are finding ways to quit smoking, the e-cigarette or an e-vaping device is being aggressively promoted as the glamorous alternative. These empower consumers by giving them the freedom to vape in places where tobacco is banned and relish the smoking experience without fearing long-term health consequences. With…

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laser aesthetics

Laser Aesthetics : Affordable Innovation for Enduring Looks

Does an improved physical appearance aid in gaining acceptability in social situations or the workplace? Yes, it does, not just the social acceptance, it also boosts one’s self-confidence and self-esteem. The growing fascination with people to emphasize their physical appearance is directing them to adopt several surgical and non-surgical procedures for ‘self improvement’. Herein, laser…

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America’s Obsession with Yoga is Good News for the Global Yoga Mats Market

One of the most telling symbols of the post-modern age, referencing the growing dedication towards personal health and symbolizing a powerful and productive exercise regime is the humble yoga mat. A rectangular piece of fabric, usually made from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) or a strategic mix of jute and rubber, yoga mats are tasked with keeping…

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Brain Health Supplements

Brain Health Supplements: The Go-to Nutrition for Boosting Brain Health

A healthy brain can mean apt mental development, strong cognitive function, great learning skills, and a high quality of life. The extreme requisite to accomplish day-to-day undertakings that turn out to be difficult with age is driving the massive demand for several brain health supplements in the health and wellness industry. Often termed as smart…

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What does it take to Flash the Perfect Smile? (Self Esteem and a USD 3 billion Industry)

The human smile. Mesmerizing, attractive and highly overrated. With age and sustained abuse, our teeth loose their sheen, sport a dull color and are a universal source of embarrassment. Thankfully, the specialty of Teeth Whitening is right on tow, and more and more people are rediscovering their charming smiles thanks to fifteen minutes spent daily…

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Disposable undergarments

Disposable Undergarments: A Boon to the Growing Older Population

Disposable undergarments are perhaps one of the best things to happen in recent times. Not just because it makes traveling easy; rather the reason is that these undergarments provide extra comfort to its users. Disposable undergarments are regarded as one of the best solutions for urinary incontinence, as it has made life easier for not…

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