Mobile Payments Market

Why M-commerce will Dominate Marketing Strategies in 2018

The first iPhone hit the market in 2007. Suddenly, the fine line between work- life, entertainment- information and ‘maybe’- ‘must have’ was massively blurred. A decade later, M-commerce, or buying- selling conducted electronically by mobile phone, is an enterprising marketer’s best bet. Will 2018 be the breakout year when m-commerce finally stands atop the e-commerce…

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Online Gambling Industry

How Is the Online Gambling Industry Making Room for the Next Unicorn Company?

‘The house always wins’ is the first axiom of gambling. Games of chance, monetary stakes and the sheer adrenaline rush have always fascinated those that were inclined to wager something of value, usually money, on the outcome of a specified event and hoping for a massive payoff. Today, thanks to the online gambling industry, this…

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Luxury travel industry

Top 5 Luxury Travel Trends to Pay Attention to this Christmas Season

Christmas is fast approaching. With millions of people traveling to visit family and friends, Christmas is one of the most productive times of the year for the global transport infrastructure. Indeed, the holiday season is not only a big market for retailers, it is also a rewarding time for travel companies. The tourism industry has…

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Global Cultural Tourism Market 2017-2021

Can Sustainable Development and Cultural Tourism Go Hand in Hand?

From being an exotic recreational activity, to metamorphosing into a full-fledged global industry, the tourism business has come full circle. Adventure tourism, medical tourism, luxury tourism, eco-tourism, cultural tourism, are subsets which have successfully garnered a lot of popularity and witness great turn overs across the globe. In this piece, our focus will be on…

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Global Space Tourism Market 2017-2021

Be A Pioneer in The Space Tourism Industry. Here’s What You’ll Need.

“Space, the final frontier” thus began one of the most iconic 60’s sci-fi shows and the benefactor of the layman’s fascination with the great, empty void that stretches to infinite distances over our lovely home planet. No wonder, when the first opportunity presented itself, space tourism was already a sold concept. Space tourism today: Paper…

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Content Recognition Market

Evolution of Content Filtering Technology : From Text-based Search to AI Enabled Automatic Content Recognition

From the earliest days of the internet to the latest era of digitization, we have witnessed a myriad range of technological inventions pertaining to our adoption of information, and each of them has simplified our lives, and pushed for change and profitable progress. Herein, content filtering technologies have been an important area of study. The…

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3D Animation

Top 7 3D Animation Software Companies : Bringing Ideas to Life, Profitably!

Think CGI, the latest Hollywood movies and the major role played by 3D animation is all but evident. Aside from the big screen, this delightful application has many practical purposes- from medicine to construction, from designing of automobiles to bringing lifelike imagery in desktop and online gaming. It’s obvious that the global market for 3D…

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