Evolution of Content Filtering Technology : From Text-based Search to AI Enabled Automatic Content Recognition

Content Recognition Market

From the earliest days of the internet to the latest era of digitization, we have witnessed a myriad range of technological inventions pertaining to our adoption of information, and each of them has simplified our lives, and pushed for change and profitable progress. Herein, content filtering technologies have been an important area of study. The evolution in this discipline has been constant, from list-based search to a revolutionary era of text-based filtering and now, the content recognition technology.

Automatic content recognition (ACR) is a new class of filtering technology which employs several smart neural networks and artificial intelligence, deciphering the most sought-after attributes in a content sample, quickly and precisely. Today, information technology has much more in store to offer than standard list and text-based filtering, thanks to a surge of technology brands striving to launch innovative and transformative products and services.

Content Recognition Technology: Next big thing in the content market

Content recognition systems trim down the dependence on human reviewers and consequently deliver more sophisticated visual content screening than simple text filtering.  This technology helps in increasing the touch-free interactions between users and electronic devices.

Although the web pages and content on the internet are increasing at an unprecedented pace, a recognition solution powered by advanced technology algorithms holds the capability to filter and categorize infinite amounts of content on-the-fly and in real time. Feeding the business world’s insatiable appetite for ready, accurate and scalable content, will help these technologies find their footing and market acceptance.

In the near future, images, videos, and audio will undeniably become the standard medium of interaction rather than text, transforming business and personal fronts alike. Unsurprisingly, sharp eyed content recognition technologies are spearheading this transformation.

Integration of AI with content recognition technology

Over the years, the primary focus of content recognition technology developers has been to integrate the smart and advanced technologies, with the core business framework. It is in this context that artificial intelligence has gained massive attention in recent times, and is also seen as a major influencing factor in the emergence and development of content recognition technology.

While the content collected and stored through content recognition can only recognize data it is programmed to identify, the integration of AI with the technology will aid in recognizing audios and visual sights that users encounter in their daily lives. Additionally, it will also enable users to monitor the number of times they are exposed to a brand while browsing through social media websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

ACR & Artificial Intelligence will make devices cognizant of their surroundings and learn from behavioral patterns to aid the users in limitless ways and help the brands be more relevant and accurate every time.

Automatic Content Recognition is still at the nascent stage of major adoption. It might be an early call, but content recognition technology is here to stay. The rapidly growing adoption of this technology across various industries is undeniably offering a plethora of opportunities for vendors and developers to create applications that will exploit this know-how to the maximum.

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