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Data Center Liquid Cooling

Market research insights are vital when it comes to creating influential articles as they add great value to content and thus help to improve the reader’s engagement with an article. Technavio ‘s market research reports are a go-to resource for journalists as they can substantiate their content pieces with reliable market insights. Last month witnessed a huge surge in the number of highly authorized domains which utilized industry insights from Technavio to create insightful articles on the ICT market.

Here is a brief synopsis of some of these articles which leveraged market research from Technavio.

Traditionally reserved for academic supercomputers and mainframes, liquid cooling is gradually seeping into data centers. This technology is primarily used to reduce data center power consumption and power usage effectiveness (PUE). Considering the revenue generated from investments in new enterprise data centers and renovation of existing ones, Technavio ‘s analysts predict that the global data center cooling market will register a revenue of over USD 8.1 billion by 2022.

These datapoints find suitable mention in an expertly compiled article by Wylie Wong entitled ‘Liquid Cooling Can Lower Data Center PUE, But That’s Not Its Main Draw’  on the  Data Center Knowledge website. The article quoted Technavio’s lead analyst for data center research:

“Liquid cooling eliminates the energy consumed by server fans thereby leading to a significant reduction in HVAC power.”

Given the pace of digital innovations and their way of transforming a range of industry verticals, business information has become an indispensable part of the commercial world today. Indeed, business information service providers offer in-depth market intelligence to support critical business decisions and help companies stay abreast with the trends that are impacting the industry. Consequently, the market is witnessing high demand for business information.  Technavio experts predict the global business information industry to grow at a CAGR of more than 5 percent until 2021.

An article published by on the NASDAQ website validated their claims for the growing demand for business information services with market insights from Technavio’s industry report titled “Global Business Information Market 2017-2021”. This market research report identifies the rising demand for risk mitigation services as one of the primary factors for the growth of the business information market which is also briefly explained in the article titled “Business – Information Services Outlook: Good Run to Continue”.