Fresh or Frozen But Filled With Flavor; Commercial Food Display Cabinets in 2017-21

The production of food and beverages has seen an upward trend with the rise in population and subsequent increase in the demand for food products. But with such large-scale production of different varieties, flavors and types of food and beverages, the end-users are worried about storage and quality of such products. This makes it inevitable for food retailers to have a food display cabinet installed at the purchase or storage location. Consequently, the global commercial food display cabinet market looks profitable in terms of CAGR through 2017-21. The major reason for such growth momentum is the sudden surge in the number of bakeries and supermarkets and the need to keep food items fresh at an optimum temperature. Read on to know more about the driving factors of the food display cabinets for commercial use, worldwide.

Food That Looks Good, Tastes Even Better, Sells Faster!

As giant food retailers plan to expand their footprints worldwide, the demand for commercial food display cabinets is set to rise. These display cabinets are multipurpose and have several benefits such as increasing the visibility of food items while ensuring safety by keeping the food items fresh at an optimum temperature. With an increase in the number of bakeries and supermarkets, on a global level, this equipment is certainly everybody’s favorite as it allows customers to know about the wide range of food items offered by the seller.

Technological advancements in the food display cabinet segment has been immense and has contributed to the growth of this market. Major Vendors like Alto Shaam, APW Wyott, Federal Industries, Hatco and True Manufacturing offer wide array of innovative products such as dual temperature display cabinets that offers a combined refrigerated and non-refrigerated sections to allow the food service operator to hold a variety of hot and cold food items in one cabinet simultaneously.

Today, manufacturers are developing energy efficient display cabinets as this will reduce power consumption for end users thereby reducing the operational and maintenance costs. As part of their expansion strategies, these major vendors in the international market for display cabinets have formed strategic alliances such as M&A with other companies to improve their market share and enhance their operations in different regions, globally.

The Technavio flavor

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