Automotive waste management

Can Effective Automotive Waste Management Add to the Auto Industry’s Productivity?

The global automotive sector is a success story in the making. With growing economic prosperity, rising living standards and overdue relief from poverty, the growth rate pertaining to the production and sales of vehicles has been spectacular. The worldwide annual manufacturing of automobiles has increased tenfold, while the population on the road has quintupled. As…

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waste management

Grassroot Solutions : Including Waste Pickers in Waste Management Strategies

It is rather surprising that several waste management strategies miss one of the crucial players in the entire framework – the waste pickers. And, this exclusion of the very primary element in the waste management cycle weakens the entire execution plan. Now, it has been accepted by policy makers throughout the world that waste management…

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Rising Water Stress Levels Drive Need for Smart Water Networks

What is Water Stress? Water stress occurs when the demand for water exceeds supply. Stress levels have grown over the years in the wake of rising pollution, climate change, and uneven water supply resources across the world. As well, population growth, changing water consumption patterns, and urbanization are intensifying water stress levels. Therefore, the demand…

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