Guess Who is Going Green Now? It’s the Textile Industry!

Forget about going green, we are sure many reading this piece are hardly aware that a good amount of solid waste is generated from the textile industry as well. So, it only makes sense that we begin with a short note on waste production and its management in the textile sector. Here are some hard figures to begin this discussion with:

  • The United States alone generates more than 15 million tons of used textile waste each year
  • Less than 1% of the recycled fiber collected is turned into new textile fiber
  • The annual impact of a household’s clothing on environment is equal to the carbon emissions produced after driving 6,000 miles

Being one of the largest industries across the globe, it is expected that the waste generated from the textile industry is poised to grow immensely in the future. In fact, our latest reports expect the global market for textile industry waste management to grow at a CAGR of 11% by 2021. Most of this waste is generated during the time of dyeing, bleaching, sizing, and finishing process.

But before you get disillusioned, the happy news is that nearly 100 percent of clothing and textiles are recyclable. So, there is HOPE, at the end of the tunnel… well in this case the end of the textile machine.

Green textile mills: What’s that?

The essential point of a green textile mill is better use of resources, decrease in waste generation (both solid and liquid), efficient waste management strategies, and most of all a common effluent treatment plant. Thus, tthese mills encourage the sustainable consumption of resources and reduce the use and release of toxic chemicals. One of the best examples of green textile mills is the one set up by the Government of India in the state of Chhattisgarh. China’s ‘Clean by Design’ is yet another oft-quoted example of how green textile mills are not only good for the environment, but are also economical.

The green textile mill in India, aims to provide a ‘one-stop’ integration of facilities like infrastructure, manufacturing support, and welfare of the employees.

Technavio’s Take on Textile Industry Waste Management

Waste from textile industry is one of the most pressing concerns for many environmentalists. With the presence of well-diversified international, regional, and local vendors like GE, ChemTreat, and Lenntech, it is expected that the textile industry will get its much needed ‘green face-lift’.

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