Industrial Water Treatment Equipment: Taming the Clean Water Crunch

industrial waste water

To even begin this piece by saying how critical water is for our lives, will be such a huge understatement. At the same time, critical it is. Not only is water the essential for our basic day to day activities, but many of us are aware how water is critical for almost all industrial processes. Burgeoning population, rapid industrialization, and swift pace of urbanization have added more pressure on the natural resources. And clean water is no exception.

Industries: Building nations, ruining natural resources?

The water crunch which the world faces is clearly the result of unplanned industrialization and urbanization. Nothing can be more ironic than the fact that as we move towards being ‘developed’ world, at the cost of ruining our natural resources. Just to put things into perspective, we bring you some of the latest statistics from the UN on industrial water pollution:

  • More than 80% of world’s wastewater is neither collected or treated. The main source of this pollution are the urban settlements
  • 70% of industrial waste from the developing countries is dumped untreated into waters where they pollute the usable water supply
  • Most industrial wastewater is discharged without treatment to open watercourses. This reduces the quality of larger volumes of water and sometimes infiltrates aquifers and contaminates the groundwater resources

Water Pollution

Such a sad state of water affairs, calls for better policies and infrastructure for industrial water treatment. According to our industry experts, the demand for wastewater treatment is at an all-time high, which is why vendors like GE, NALCO, and Lenntech have come up with innovative water recycling and treatment equipment. It is expected that the global market for industrial water treatment equipment will record a CAGR of more than 7% by 2021.

Big Business of Water Treatment Equipment

Water waste from industries has not only put governments across the globe on their toes but has also opened avenues for innovation and business for better water management. Forget about tech start-ups; now there is a surge in the number of water startups. In fact, water innovation sector has opened several investment opportunities. There have been several data services companies which have smart solutions for cost-effective reuse, recycling, and water treatment solutions.

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