Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Top 7 Vendors in the Human Machine Interface Training Market

As technical and vocational education (TVE) gains popularity among the student community, the entry of human machine interface (HMI) training courses is the most logical outcome. An integral part of the automation process, HMI enables interactions between human operators and machines in a seamless manner. With digitization and the advent of AI in most of…

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Global Corporate Leadership Training Market 2017-2021

Top 3 Trends in Corporate Leadership Training Market

Organizations in every industrial vertical have always looked out for leaders who are extremely good at recognizing emerging challenges and inspiring organizational responses that lead to positive outcomes. Today, that need is intensifying as leaders confront, among other things, digitalization, the rising relevance of data as a competitive weapon, and the ability of artificial intelligence…

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language training centers

Language Training Centers are helping Multilingual Ambitions in India, and Spawning Big Business

In the era of globalization where several companies are charting their course across varied geographies, being multilingual has enormous benefits. This fact has been acknowledged and realized by students, as well as professionals alike.  Be it an online language training program or blended learning, the intensifying need for learning international languages, mainly English, German, French…

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corporate training

Compliance Training – Essential to Achieve Corporate Bliss

They say, practice makes a man perfect, well, in the corporate world, training and development programs do the needful. Corporate training has always been a vital part of an organization as it enables employees to understand their company, responsibilities and the customers in a better way. The worldwide market for corporate compliance training is expected…

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US Universities May Be Dropping Some Standardized Test Requirements, But Does That Mean You Shouldn’t Take the Tests?

Over the past few years, more and more universities in the US have been dropping certain standardized test requirements: Barnard College and Columbia University dropped the SAT Subject Test and SAT/ACT essay requirements, Hampshire College dropped all test requirements, and Harvard University dropped the SAT Subject Test. In fact, only 13 schools across the US…

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These Key Developments Make M-Learning Easier for Higher Education

M-learning refers to education delivered through mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and e-readers. Educational organizations use this learning solution as an advanced method of learning and teaching to incorporate technology-based learning environment. The main advantage of m-learning is the reduction in paper use, which helps build a sustainable ecosystem. M-learning improves education in two…

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instant coffee pricing

A Look and Instant Coffee Pricing and the Global Market Landscape

Instant Coffee Market Overview Instant coffee, often referred to as soluble coffee, includes spray-dried powder, freeze-dried powder, and liquefied forms of coffee, including liquid concentrates. Spray drying and freeze drying are the main methods of processing coffee that involve the dehydration of brewed, roasted, and ground coffee. The freeze-dried method produces superior products that are higher priced….

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Education in GCC Countries is Expected to Grow is Response to Demand for International and Tech-Driven Schooling

Education plays a key role in shaping a country’s economy and overall development. So it goes to follow that widespread economic growth in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries has encouraged governments in these areas to develop their education systems. With oil revenue providing the necessary finances to improve education, the K-12 education market in GCC countries…

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