Top 7 Vendors in the Human Machine Interface Training Market

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

As technical and vocational education (TVE) gains popularity among the student community, the entry of human machine interface (HMI) training courses is the most logical outcome. An integral part of the automation process, HMI enables interactions between human operators and machines in a seamless manner.

With digitization and the advent of AI in most of the business processes, HMI has become much more prevalent. This is precisely the reason why many major names in robotics and automation have entered into the market, providing state-of-the-art HMI training courses. The popularity of these courses has prompted analysts at Technavio to predict that the market for these training courses will hit double-digit growth in the next four years.

The top seven vendors in the HMI training course market, per our experts are:

1) IPCS Automation

One of the leading vendors of automation solutions, IPCS has been providing industries with services ranging from proposing and installing to the absolute commissioning of automated systems, that completely adhere to the industry standards. Its primary product offerings include HMI systems, Supervisory Control, and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Programmable Logic Controllers, and DCS systems.

IPCS’s HMI training programs provide the best practice in the latest technologies, trends, and challenges in the immensely competitive areas of automation and embedded technologies. Most of these training modules are specifically tailored for college students, professionals, and corporate companies.

2) Livewire

A niche IT training institute, Livewire caters to the skill requirements of industries in the areas of IT infrastructure management, network engineering, IT project management, electronic design automation, and industrial automation. The company has a huge presence in Asia, and its courses are based on a set of advanced software and technologies such as Advanced Linux and Microsoft products; MS Office Project in IT, OrCAD, VLSI Technologies, Matlab, and PLC/SCADA. Most of its courses are offered in association with leading tech companies like Siemens, Cadence, CompTIA, and Microsoft.

The 10-hour HMI course offered by Livewire enables students to configure operator devices and implement an effective HMI interface on an automation system. It also ensures familiarity with many HMI environments used in industrial controls and automation; and covers a wide range of engineering and visualization software for HMI.

3) Mitsubishi Electric

The Japanese company’s industrial automation systems segment provides programmable logic controllers, inverters, servomotors, motors, hoists, magnetic switches, time, and power meters. Industrial sewing machines, computerized numerical controllers, electrical-discharge and laser processing machines, industrial robots, clutches, and automotive electrical equipment, are some of its other product offerings.

When it comes to HMI training, Mitsubishi Electric provides onsite courses, along with e-Learning and satellite training courses. The company also provides customer training on its proprietary products, and tailors courses based on the learners’ needs.

4) MPTA education

Established in 2005, MPTA is one of the leading names in on the job training (OJT) dedicated to the skill enhancement of unemployed and underemployed employees. The company has a strong presence in the APAC region, and has collaborated with several government organizations to launch technical programs and courses.

Its HMI training course covers the basic knowledge needed for configuring HMI/MMI, building, modifying HMI projects, and configuring the communication between HMI and controllers. The 24 hour course enables students to control and monitor various automation processes.

5) Omron

A Kyoto-based company, Omron manufactures automation components, equipment, and systems with advanced computer, communications, and control technologies. The company is also known for its medical equipment such as digital thermometers, blood pressure monitors, and nebulizers.

Omron’s diversified business segments include industrial automation business (IAB), automotive electronic components (AEC), healthcare businesses (HCB), and social systems solution and service business (SSB). Omron’s HMI training courses include e-Learning, automation technology and product training, maintenance product training, and customer facility training.

6) Rockwell Automation

The US based industrial automation company operates through two segments: architecture and software, and control products and solutions. The company caters to multiple segments, including the automotive industry, infrastructure development, life sciences, and wastewater management. The HMI training courses provided by Rockwell Automation are designed to align with specific job functions and focus on relevant job tasks. The company also provides highly customized on-site training solutions for its off-site employees.

7) Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric develops connected technologies and solutions catering to the management of various sectors including energy, in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable. The company places special focus on research and development to differentiate its products and services and stay competitive in the market. Through its EcoStruxure solution, the company offers an efficient way of management and automation for customer outcomes.

Schneider Electric’s HMI training courses cover various technologies such as programmable controllers, electric distribution, variable frequency drivers, safety and HMI. Under the HMI course, the company provides customer training for its proprietary products.