Top 19 Scuba Diving Equipment Manufacturers in 2018

Scuba Diving Equipment

Today, water sports have turned into a popular recreational activity, especially amongst the urban population. Consequently, the demand for specialist scuba diving equipment is on an exponential rise. The good news for scuba diving equipment manufacturers is that even emerging economies are joining in the fun. Technavio’s latest market research predicts further spikes during the coming years, with accelerating market growth driven in part by demand from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.



The rising preference for outdoor adventures and water sports is expected to positively impact the growth of the scuba diving equipment market in the next five years” is the general sentiment. And, governments in many countries are focusing on promoting water sports as an integral part of their tourism programs. Thus, vendors in the sports equipment industry have a huge opportunity to innovate and expand their market bases. Let’s meet some of these proactive players.

Top 19 Scuba Diving Equipment Manufacturers in 2018

1) Johnson Outdoors | United States

This manufacturer of outdoor recreation products is a leading name in the global scuba diving equipment market. Watercraft and marine electronics products from Johnson Outdoors are equally high in demand. At present, the company has a very strong presence in the US and Canadian markets. Its products are gradually catching up in the European market as well.

As the tourism industry in APAC opens up to water sports, Johnson Outdoors is strategizing to capture a sizable chunk of this market too. Proven operational capacity and an enduring brand name is helping Johnson’s cause.

Under the brand ScubaPro, the company has launched the next-generation S600 regulator to improve breathing performance while scuba diving. Its ultrawarm dry-suits are specially tailored to provide protection in frigid waters.

2) American Underwater Products | United States

This company is currently operational under the name Oceanic, and already has a strong hold in the Americas. American Underwater Products is very much in sync with the latest technological innovations that are making water sports more fun and exciting. The company’s business strategy for the EMEA region is to take regional players under its wings and thereby expand its market share aggressively.

At present, the company is doing business via affiliate sellers in Japan, Germany, Italy, Singapore, and Australia. Though high manufacturing cost is a major roadblock for American Underwater Products, it is expected that technological innovation will play the rescue card in the forthcoming years.

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3) Mares | Italy

One of the leading manufacturers of scuba diving equipment in Italy, Mares’ innovative line of products cover water sports like snorkeling, freediving, and spearfishing. The company has partnered with authorized dealers and manufacturers to expand its market base.

Tough competition from regional and global players is a major challenge that Mares has been dealing with. And, with programs like ‘dive accident insurance’, the company is trying to make inroads into the Asian market as well.

4) Sherwood Scuba | United States

This limited liability company has redefined scuba diving with its expansive product range. One of its best business strategies has been to partner directly with holiday resorts and water sport providers. This explains the steady sales income of Sherwood Scuba, alongside its growing presence outside the American market.

Another outstanding strategy of Sherwood Scuba is the regular sponsorship of various local and national events, promotions, and environmental causes. Thanks to this plan, the company has great goodwill value and visibility amongst water sports enthusiasts.

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5) Aqua Lung International | France

Over the years, this French company has managed to register its presence beyond the European market, and today is a trusted brand in the EMEA and Asia/Oceania regions. Apart from scuba diving equipment, Aqua Lung also manufactures top-quality safety devices for land and air based adventures.

An enduring name in all the traditional markets for scuba diving equipment, Aqua Lung plans to launch its highly curated products in the Chinese and Indian markets soon.


With its own line of innovative, yet value priced products sold in over 400 stores in the US and worldwide, AERIS has become recognized as a leader in the recreational scuba diving market. AERIS believes all divers, whether they dive once-a-day or once-a-year, deserve high performance gear that is effortless to use. Our designers and engineers value real solutions over trends, working constantly to unite the best of past and present technologies. The results are exceptional diving tools. Since 1998, AERIS products have been recognized by dive pros for outstanding performance and embraced by new divers for user-friendly features and intuitive operation. Any diver can dive AERIS, and AERIS can handle any dive.

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7) Apollo | USA

They are an international team. For the past 40 years they have been bringing divers the best equipment money can buy. Form following function without compromise is our philosophy. Apollo Scuba are not copiers and have a long list of firsts and exclusives. All their gears are loaded with great look, best quality material and are quite innovative, safe, and easy to use.

8) BAUER | Germany

BAUER has been manufacturing high pressure compressors for over 60 years. From our humble beginnings in the BAUER family home in Munich, Germany in 1946 to their status as an industry leader, BAUER has earned its reputation as the world’s foremost innovative designer and manufacturer of high pressure compressors and purification systems.

9) Body Glove | USA

Since 1953, Body Glove has been all about water. Body Glove has established itself as the leading watersports brand in the world by providing innovative, high quality products that protect water, people, and enhance their lives. We will have a meaningful business in every surf and dive market in the world. Our brand and products are available to people who enjoy the oceans, lakes, rivers, and water throughout the world. Body Glove will protect our environment through the way we make our products as well as through the organizations we support.

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10) Cressi | Italy

The power of a brand is often measured in sales and revenues, and sometimes by its influence or diversity. In all these categories, Cressi stands at the top of the water sports industry. With five divisions serving four distinct markets—scuba diving, snorkeling, spearfishing, swimming—it has established a solid presence in every major economic region around the globe, delivering products to more than 90 countries. Cressi has maintained its commitment to the development and manufacturing of its products at the Cressi facility in Italy. This assures consumers that Cressi gear is truly innovative and made to the highest quality standards rather than a duplication of familiar technology.

11) Beuchat International | France

The Company Beuchat has been involved in the development of all aspect of underwater activities. George Beuchat conducted many experimental dives and all the early developments in diving were conducted of the coast of Marseille. Over 40 years without any modifications. For more than sixty years Beuchat has been at the fore front in the design, development, manufacturing, and marketing of new products which have marked the history of diving and spearfishing. Distributed around the world into 80 countries, Beuchat is recognized worldwide as a market leader in the fields of Scuba Diving and Spearfishing.

12) SeaSoft Scuba | USA

A popular name among the scuba divers, SeaSoft Scuba develops new, creative, and imaginative diving equipment that withstand the test of time. Some of its most sought-after products are dry suits, diving vests, weight harness, gear bags, and BC vests.

13) Henderson Divewear | USA

Henderson’s continued expansion and innovation continues to propel its brands into the future. Henderson, Hyperflex and Neo Sport are now part of the Henderson Sport Group. The group of companies remains focused on Thermal protection and innovation and development of neoprene products. The Henderson Sport Group today is based in Millville, NJ just a few miles from the original Henderson Boatyard where the company was founded. The company brands are distributed worldwide, and it remains focused on Style, Performance and Product innovation.

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14) H2Odyssey | USA

America’s first choice for redundant breathing systems, H2Odyssey has been supplying the diving industry since 1986 and has built a solid reputation. We manufacture & distribute high quality adventure gear for diving and surfing markets. H2O supplies operations across the globe, innovating new products like the Extra Air Source and Torid Pulse. The Torid-Pulse is a high performance underwater system designed for fun! It is manufactured and tested by experienced divers.

15) Aquatec | Taiwan

Since 1983, AQUATEC was established in Taipei, Taiwan as an international diving manufacturer. In the early stage, AQUATEC started from developing Buoyancy Compensation Device (B.C.D.) and accessories. After decades of effort and devotion in diving equipment design and manufacturing, AQUATEC built a strong R&D team and obtained more high-tech manufacturing equipment for producing various diving products to meet global OEM and ODM business.

16) Dive Right | USA

Dive Rite has grown from thirteen products to over three hundred products. Since 1997 has transformed into a worldwide dive equipment manufacturer with distribution in 68 countries all over the world. Twenty years after the first primary dive reel was sold, Dive Rite’s pioneering spirit continues with the innovation and quality that goes into each product. Dive Rite has a proud history of supporting dive exploration, conservation, and education, putting Dive Rite in the unique position as a leader in the worldwide technical diving marketplace.

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17) Diving Unlimited International | USA

Diving Unlimited International, Incorporated (DUI) is a diving equipment manufacturing company specializing in diver thermal protection and high-performance diving equipment. Located in San Diego, California, DUI has been providing recreational, scientific, commercial, and military divers with an UNLIMITED commitment to provide the highest quality products and services available. DUI’s equipment is distributed through over 400 dealers in North America and exported worldwide through distributors in Europe, United Kingdom, Russia, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Mexico, Korea, and Brazil.

18) Underwater Kinetics | USA

In 1971, Underwater Kinetics was the first to make injection-molded protective cases, high performance underwater lights and innovative accessories. From LitLink Utility tools to waterproof eLED industrial flashlights and from search/rescue knives to Loadout Cases, we strive to make your job easier, protect what’s important and deliver value. “Uncompromising performance since 1971” is not just our tagline, it’s our way of life.

19) Atomic Aquatics | USA

Atomic Aquatics made the first titanium regulator and offering to a full line of quality scuba gear. The company’s founders Dean Garraffa and Doug Toth had already forged a reputation as discerning, demanding designers of innovative diving equipment since 1976.