Top 14 Companies in the Smart Education and eLearning Industry 2019

Smart Education

Human plus robot is not the future anymore, it is the present. Today’s groundbreaking technologies are transforming nearly every industry across the world and the education sector is no exception. Enter smart education!

The global e-Learning industry is replete with online tutoring services providers and cutting edge EdTech companies. The stakeholders include device manufacturers, software providers, publishing firms, online retailers, and ICT infrastructure providers. All of these are pushing the smart education agenda, while being extremely profitable. So profitable, in fact, that our report on the smart education market expects the industry to grow by over $72 billion by 2022.

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Top 14 Smart Education and eLearning Companies in the World 2018

1. Blackboard

Blackboard, an ed-tech company with corporate headquarters in Washington D.C, made its name by enhancing the experience of educators with pragmatic online platforms beyond the four walls of the classroom. The company has positioned itself effectively alongside educators with analytical tools, helping teachers connect with their students and discover their unique strengths and weaknesses.

What’s on offer?
  1. ‘Blackboard Collaborate’ is a learning platform for interactive collaborative, and mobile learning experiences.
  2. ‘Blackboard Connect’ includes notification services to campuses, and schools.
  3. ‘Blackboard Transact’ allows students to make purchases by using their ID cards.
  4. ‘Blackboard Learn’ is a technology platform that supports the school staff to achieve set academic goals.

2. Cisco Systems

Cisco is a leading smart education company and was founded three decades ago in a college campus. These roots in education have undoubtedly supported Cisco’s ongoing commitment to learning and innovation which is today central to its culture. Cisco’s Digital Education Platform assimilates pedagogically-aligned education services and partner capabilities to connect learning spaces across schools, campuses, and districts, thus, creating secure virtual classrooms, simplifying IT management and enhancing cybersecurity.

Their platform is comprised of high-performance computing infrastructure, secure core networks, state-of-the-art wireless, comprehensive security and unified voice. Further, it incorporates video, collaboration, and virtualization to enable educational institutions to meet their most critical business requirements.

3. Instructure

Instructure is a developer of cloud-based learning management platform for academic institutions and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company started grabbing headlines after the launch of its comprehensive cloud-native software package; Canvas learning management system. From communication to collaboration, from automated classroom activities to course management, Canvas’s set of delivery tools offers a range of benefits to the educational institutions.

This platform competes with similar systems offered by its competitors including Moodle, D2L, Blackboard Learning System, and Sakai Project. In addition, Instructure launched its new e-learning platform named Arc, sporting a more video centric approach which makes learning an active, collaborative and impactful two-way street.

4. Pearson

Pearson, a British multinational conglomerate, is the world’s largest educational publisher and a leading player in the digital curriculum. Pearson Education provides workbooks, textbooks, learning tools, testing programs and other materials for higher education as well as the professional market to over 100 million people. The company’s unique academic imprints include Allyn & Bacon, Longman, Prentice Hall and Addison-Wesley.

As a leading brand in digital curriculum, Pearson provides disruptive platforms including ‘LearningStudio,’ a cloud learning management system (LMS) for online curricula; ‘OpenClass,’ a cloud solution to stimulate social learning and allow the distribution of content to learners everywhere; and ‘Acclaim Badges’ that helps professional associations, academic institutions, and organizations to recognize experimental and professional learning achievements and certifications.

5. Samsung

Samsung Electronics has been inspiring the world with transformative ideas and technologies that have redefined the domains of smartphones, printers, medical equipment, network systems, TV, wearable technology, etc. Now, Samsung is also a developer of innovative solutions for education. With wide expertise and knowledge in technology and inventing innovative products, Samsung Electronics offers institutions the full smart education package.

From mobile devices to e-Boards to robust learning content and management software, Samsung’s Smart Education initiative extends beyond the classroom with mobile devices to help students continue the learning experience anywhere, anytime.

6. Dell

Headquartered in Round Rock, Texas, Dell Technologies is one of the top tech companies in the world. It has catered to an assortment of industry verticals with a range of innovative IT products and solutions including cameras, printers, electronics, music players, servers, hardware and software solutions and many other such solutions. It is now a leading brand that offers smart products in the education sector.

Dell EMC is sportively supporting institutions in their transition to digital content, offering a comprehensive array of ground-breaking technologies, integration solutions, and services for schools across the world. This includes a prominent portfolio of products that are purpose-built for the classroom, such as the Dell Chromebook 11, the new Latitude 11 Touch, and the Google-Certified Venue 10.

7. Adobe systems

Adobe is a pioneering software company that has ridden the wave of digital innovation over the past several decades. This American tech giant is growing, evolving and is always in the process of creating the next new thing/concept.

Although Adobe System is best known for its design software (Photoshop), its PDF software (Acrobat, Reader), and its ever-growing cloud-based marketing and analytics offerings, the company has also carved a name for itself in the smart education and e-Learning industry. Adobe’s content authoring tools such as Adobe Presenter Video Express, Adobe Captivate as well as its Adobe Captivate Prime LMS, are helping students create effective content.

With powerful e-Learning solutions that are flexible, scalable and celebrated for their innovative design, Adobe Systems continue to break new ground for learning institutions, training centers and corporate HR departments who aims to deliver excellent learning experiences that are personalized and can be delivered on any device.

8. Discovery Communications

Serving over 50 million students and more than 4.5 million educators, Discovery Education’s solutions are in 50% of the U.S. schoolrooms, 50% of all primary institutions in the U.K., and across 50+ countries. Discovery Education is one of the world leaders in standards-based digital content, transforming learning and teaching with award-winning multimedia content, professional development and digital textbooks. All this is backed by the most knowledgeable online learning community of its kind.

Techbook, STEM Connect, Streaming Plus, Community are some of its award-winning products and services.

9. Echo360

Echo360, a Dulles, Virginia based company, is transforming higher education with its industry-leading lecture capture and blended learning solution. 500+ global institutions use Echo360 to help solve retention, recruitment and over-enrollment challenges, while engaging more students with innovative teaching techniques like the ‘flipped classroom.’

Drawing on a proven track record and history as a technology pioneer, combined with a clear vision of how innovative technology could better serve educational institutions and students around the world, Echo360 has emerged as the world leader in blended learning technologies.

10. Fujitsu

Fujitsu, a leading Japanese IT service provider, offers a wide range of technology products, solutions, and services that serve customers in the fields of financial services, automotive, healthcare, retail, government services, manufacturing, and education. As one of the world’s leading names in hybrid IT, Fujitsu understands the complexities of integrating new digital technologies and solutions with legacy IT systems. Their portfolio of infrastructure, workstation, mobile and desktop solutions deliver flexibility, reliability, and security to enhance the student’s experience.

11. Jenzabar

Founded nearly five decades ago, Jenzabar has evolved through the union of history and innovation. It began as an internet portal and eLearning company that provided an online community for students, administrators, and university professors. A few years later, it was launched as an enterprise software provider to better serve the needs of the higher education sector.

Today, its products and services are supporting more than 1300 campuses around the world. Jenzabar is helping simplify the processes driving enrollment and retention, integrating them into a single web-based portal. Its campus management framework combines information from student and business office systems with portal, alumni, and student services modules. Their e-Racer LMS offers cutting edge learning tools.

 12. IBM

IBM is an American multinational technology company, based in New York, United States. It has over 100 years of experience in making the world work better with groundbreaking technologies, including over 2,000 engagements in education and governance. With in-depth knowledge and expertise in real-world education developments across a plethora of national and regional initiatives, IBM is an advocate of 24×7 learning and understands the need for educational goals to align with economic growth.

The company provides consulting services to K-12, higher education, ministries and department of education verticals. Its analytic solutions assist in promoting academic success and in managing learning effectiveness.

13. Promethean World

Promethean World is one of the most rapidly growing global markets for interactive learning technology. It aims to unleash the potential of education at all ages, and all locations, by creating, supplying and supporting cutting-edge interactive learning technology tools. It offers a wide range of software that is used for presentations and meetings. The company has been continuously working on developing an integrated and interactive environment that promotes a more engaged and productive teaching atmosphere.

14. Ellucian

The leader in the information services ecosystem, Ellucian delivers the software, insights and processing solutions that help institutions thrive. Inspired by the transformative impact of digital education, the company develops solutions for over 2500 institutions in nearly 50 countries, empowering operations and enriching the learning experience for more than 18 million students. With more than 1500 institutions subscribing to the company’s SaaS and cloud services offerings, Ellucian is one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based solutions in higher education.