Smart Education

Top 14 Companies in the Smart Education and eLearning Industry 2019

Human plus robot is not the future anymore, it is the present. Today’s groundbreaking technologies are transforming nearly every industry across the world and the education sector is no exception. Enter smart education! The global e-Learning industry is replete with online tutoring services providers and cutting edge EdTech companies. The stakeholders include device manufacturers, software…

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MOOC education

Adoption of Massive Open Online Course(MOOCs) is Exploding: Here’s Why

At the turn of the 21st century and following the momentous rise of digital technology, the realm of education has been flooded with a surge of disruptive innovations destined to transform learning and usher in a new era of proficiency, effectiveness, and efficiency. Along with a wave of groundbreaking technologies that dramatically changed the world…

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Global Visual Technologies in Education Market

Top 5 Visual Technologies that are Rejuvenating the Education Industry

Visualization has always been a dependable way to understand and learn things. No wonder, the enriching benefits of visualization in the spheres of teaching and learning has progressively pushed educational institutions to deploy pathbreaking technologies as ‘smart learning’ tools, and the same are offered by a surge of innovative tech brands. Herein, emerging technologies including…

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smart education market

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on the Global Smart Education Market

Smart education refers to the evolving face of the education sector, wherein the conventional idea of ‘just’ a teacher imparting knowledge to the students is replaced by a whole ecosystem of helpful tools. Smart education technologies include document cameras, interactive whiteboards, projectors, and 3D printers, alongside the more commonly available tools as interactive assistance in…

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smart education

Smart Education : Nudging the World towards Virtual Learning

As the world is embracing modern technologies at a lightning speed, industries including automotive, healthcare, energy and many other are open to adopting smart platforms that will redefine their business operations. Closer home, the digital revolution is undeniably marking its presence in the ever-growing education sector. Through the past decade, the education system has come…

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