Top 10 Private Security Companies in the World 2019

Private Security Companies

These are truly turbulent times. Global strife and domestic unrest have opened up a prodigious demand for guaranteed security. Stepping up, private security companies offer an affordable option for organizations and individuals to effectively defend themselves and their immovable assets against the malicious elements of the modern society. ‘Muscle for hire’ indeed, but, with a high level of sophistication and as part of an intently organized global industry.

According to Technavio’s market research on this topic, the global private security services market will register a revenue of more than $257 billion by 2022. This blog lists the top 10 global private security companies that are leading from the front when it comes to top-notch security guard services. These are likely to dominate the global private security services market through 2018-2022.

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Top 10 Private Security Companies in the World 2019

G4S Plc.

Based out of Crawley, England, G4S is a multinational security services company that employs over 620,000 security professionals across the world. This private security agency describes itself as the ‘world’s leading global security and outsourcing group’, a statement that is justified considering G4S’s role in governmental security details across the world, employment of cutting-edge tools and training methodologies and contracted sales of over £7.8 billion in 2017.

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Securitas AB

A pioneer amongst globally influential private security companies, Securitas AB was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1934. The company employs over 300,000 people across 55 countries and is regarded as a pathbreaking private security agency with proficiency in security services, consulting, monitoring and chartered investigations. In the fiscal year 2017-18, Securitas AB registered a revenue of approx. 91.5 billion Swedish Krona.

ADT Inc.

When it comes to security companies in the US, ADT Inc. is an undisputed pack leader. Founded in 1874, ADT Inc. is one of the USA’s leading alarm and security services companies. Formerly known as the ADT Corporation, the company was acquired in Feb 2016 by Apollo Global Management for $6.9 billion to constitute ADT Inc. The company has always been a pioneer amongst security companies in the US and very profitable. In 2011, the erstwhile ADT Corporation listed an estimated 6.4 million global clients and an annual turnover in excess of US$3.1 billion.

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Allied Universal

Founded in 1957 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Allied Universal initially started out as a security guard services company, supplying security guards where needed. The current organization is the amalgamation of two premier security services companies: AlliedBarton and Universal Services of America, that merged in 2016. Today, the company if rightfully listed amongst the best private security companies in the world, with a staff count exceeding 55,000 employees, and the availability of a gamut of security system solutions, janitorial services and related staffing applications. In 2017, Allied Universal pulled in a revenue of over US$ 5.3 billion.


Founded in 1946, DynCorp initially started out as an aviation company and later, a private military contractor. Today, it offers a range of services including flight operations support, intelligence training and support, security and contingency operations, etc. The company receives over 96% of its annual US$ 3 billion revenue from the US government. DynCorp has justified its ranking as one of the premier private security companies in the world by offering support to the US armed forces through the latter’s commitments around the world.

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Aiming to safeguard “clients in complex and emerging markets”, Canada based GardaWorld was founded in 1995 and currently employs 62,000 employees around the world. The company specializes in security guard services and armored car services on a global scale. GardaWorld’s cash management services processes nearly US$ 5 billion per day, with its 12-year cash management contract with Bank of America worth US$ 1.4 billion being deemed as one of the most lucrative arrangements of its kind. GardaWorld is active in 140+ cities across the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Control Risks

Specializing in such niche operations as risk and strategic consulting, eDiscovery, political risk analysis, anti-corruption audits and training, Control Risks is a globally renowned private security agency based in London. The company operates in 36 countries, with a special emphasis on providing major companies the intelligence, feet on the ground, and local expertise, when branching out into new markets across the world. In 2010, in a major demonstration of its operational efficiency, Control Risks secured an oil company’s assets in war-torn Iraq while generating an impressive revenue of US$ 223.32 million from this endeavor.

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CACI International Inc.

With a tagline reading “Ever Vigilant”, CACI International Inc. has become one of the most highly preferred security companies in the US. The company offers a majority of its services to the US government’s various subsets, including defense, homeland security, healthcare and intelligence. CACI employs over 19,000 people worldwide, with a vast majority of them directly involved with matters pertaining to global threats and the US armed forces’ readiness to handle such eventualities. In 2017, the company generated a revenue of US$ 4.35 billion, rendering itself a top-contender amid other US based private security companies.

The Brink’s Company

A leading American private security agency, The Brink’s Company is also one of the oldest, having been founded in the year 1859. The company caters to customers in 100+ countries and employs over 134,000 people globally. Today, Brink’s is widely known for its cash management services, especially, its fleet of armored cars that serve governments, banks, mints and other high priority institutions. A sister concern- Brink’s Home Security– accounts for nearly 15% of Brink’s annual revenue.


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