Private Security Companies

Top 10 Private Security Companies in the World 2019

These are truly turbulent times. Global strife and domestic unrest have opened up a prodigious demand for guaranteed security. Stepping up, private security companies offer an affordable option for organizations and individuals to effectively defend themselves and their immovable assets against the malicious elements of the modern society. ‘Muscle for hire’ indeed, but, with a…

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This Week in the News : Homeland Security takes Centerstage in Syria

In a world that’s gripped with political uncertainty, the week that was, drove home the logical importance that countries are affording to homeland security. Territorial borders and coastal outposts are intensely guarded, while conscious efforts are being made to keep potential trouble out. Is EU missing the boat on global terrorism? In the troubled waters…

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Territorial Border and Coastal Surveillance System

Homeland Security : Need for Border and Coastal Surveillance in a Conflict Ridden World

Today’s global political scene is a rather messed up combination of strong egos and misplaced affiliations. All that entails bilateral arguments that have the propensity to graduate into full-blown armed conflicts. Thankfully, homeland security ensures that the fallout from such conflicts isn’t directly affecting a clear majority of the country’s population. However, being prepared in…

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