Stop Idling and Start Saving: Start-Stop System is Now in Motorcycles

Start/stop system – This is an anti-idling technology based on the intelligent combination of engine, brake, and battery management, which stops the internal-combustion engine as soon as the vehicle halts at a red light or in a traffic jam and restarts the engine once the vehicle starts moving. It delivers savings in the form of lower fuel consumption and reduced maintenance costs, thus extending vehicle life and bringing about a reduction in emissions. This technology discovers enormous usage in geographies that have high traffic intensity.

Start-Stop Systems have been around for some time and is now available across a range of auto manufacturers. However, Hero Motorcycles (HMCL) was the first motorcycle OEM to have included this system in its motorcycles. With the sheer size of the two-wheeler market across the world, an effective and inexpensive start-stop system would go a long way in trimming down the fuel consumption.

New Cutting-Edge Trends: Implications on Future Riding Experiences

The automotive industry is witnessing an upsurge in the adoption of the brake-by-wire system. The fast and rapid changes that occur during acceleration or regenerative braking makes ultracapacitors useful in storing energy in the battery for future usage. Ultracapacitors are energy storage devices, which, unlike batteries, provide short but high energy bursts of power.

With the changing consumer needs and OEM offerings, the parameters including safety, performance, stability, and comfort are being improved and refined every day. This evolution has outgrown the usefulness of conventional mechanical components and has led to an upsurge in the adoption rate of the automotive electronic market. Thus, these aspects will undoubtedly be a driving force for the motorcycle start-stop systems market in the future.

Proponents in the industry are developing connecting technologies that can intimate the rider about traffic jams and the status of traffic lights well in advance. This will empower the motorcycle control unit to configure itself for future start-stop cycles, ensuring least possible wear of the battery, starter, and the engine. This will further improve the efficiency of the vehicle in terms of both fuel use and performance.

Technavio Solutions: Keeps you on the Fast Lane

The automotive industry is ever-evolving with a surge of new tech-based innovations, and the start-stop systems market is one of them that has captured the attention of vehicle owners across the world. The application of these technologies has widened to motorcycles now and is expected to attain extreme adoption rate in the near future.

The unpredicted modifications in the industry stand a strong point for proponents to study the market in detail. Technavio also offers a detailed analysis of trends, challenges, drivers and competitive landscape and other crucial aspects to aid the firms in the associated industry to equip themselves with the changing nature of the market.