CFD market analysis

CFD Market Analysis: Top 3 Fastest Growing CFD Segments in 2019

The global CFD market has been experiencing a recent enormous growth according to the latest CFD market analysis from Technavio. This market growth is mainly driven by the rapid development of industrial design and manufacturing activities around the world. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is known as the analytic process of predicting fluid flow (e.g. gases…

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electric motor manufacturers

Top 20 Electric Motor Manufacturers in the World 2019

More than 300 million electric motors are used in infrastructure, large buildings, and industry globally. Over 30 million motors are sold each year for industrial purposes alone. At a time when talk has shifted to emission reduction, electric motor manufacturers have been innovating and disrupting the global marketplace. With so much demand for electric motors,…

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car engine manufacturers

Top 5 Car Engine Manufacturers Leading the Global Automotive Industry 2018

Humanity’s obsession with chic cars is a never-ending phenomenon, while the top car engine manufacturers that power these cutting-edge wonders are key enablers of the automotive revolution that is currently underway around the world. Here’s a listing of the largest car engine manufacturers that are set to consolidate their advantages even further in the next…

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Automation in the Automotive Industry

Top 5 Trends Facilitating Digitalization in the Automotive Industry

One of the early adopters of digitalization, investments in the automotive industry will exceed $80 billion by 2020. Herein, the provision of digitally enhanced experiences for customers is a major reason for this rise in investment. Our analysts break down the hype and bring you the top five digital automotive trends that are gaining traction…

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Automotive waste management

Can Effective Automotive Waste Management Add to the Auto Industry’s Productivity?

The global automotive sector is a success story in the making. With growing economic prosperity, rising living standards and overdue relief from poverty, the growth rate pertaining to the production and sales of vehicles has been spectacular. The worldwide annual manufacturing of automobiles has increased tenfold, while the population on the road has quintupled. As…

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Automotive Industry

Innovations in the Automotive Industry: Beyond Electric Cars

We are nearing the end of 2017 and the automotive industry is busy innovating at an unprecedented rate. Today, vehicles have become increasingly sophisticated, and onboard technology is turning them into computers on wheels. Most of the new-generation vehicles are equipped with cutting edge connectivity features, which helps in generating reams of data at high…

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commercial vehicle tire

The Road to Safety: What’s Ushering Change in Commercial Vehicle Tires Market?

Tires are the only component of a vehicle which comes in direct contact with the road. Tires in commercial vehicles are equipped to handle all sort of rough conditions including unpaved roads, sand, dirt and rocks can even be the norm in some places. They are exposed to several unsuitable environments and road conditions that entail the…

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