Pet Wearables: A New Trend in the Global Pet Accessories Market

pet wearables

The pet accessories manufacturers are witnessing a surge in the demand pet wearables, owing to the recent developments in the global pet accessories market. Technologically advanced and innovative products such as pet trackers, dog tracking chips and dog GPS tracker are made with superior quality and durability which is encouraging the customers to invest in premium pet products with premium pricing.  One of the leading end-users of the pet accessories market, Ancol Pet Products offers premium pet accessories such as the Jumbo Brown Waterproof Domino Dog Bed, which sells for close to USD 100. The growth of the leading pet wearable manufacturers is driven by technological innovation and portfolio extension leading to product premiumization. Some of the top pet accessories manufacturers present in pet accessories market are exploring innovative ways to combine multiple functions and styles to cater to consumer demand. They are developing pet wearable products such as tractive SPS pet tracker, dog GPS trackers, dog tracking chips, pet wearables and devices that pet owners can fit seamlessly into their homes without compromising on the aesthetic value.

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Pet Wearables: A Booming Market

The worldwide pet wearable market size is evaluated at huge stakes. The business has seen impressive development because of the expanding awarness among the owners about pet prosperity. In addition, expanding connection of pet owners with their pets for fellowship, excitement, wellness and mental prosperity has brought about more spending by them on their best friend than prior which is expected to additionally help the market growth. Pet wearables are additionally one of the examples of wearable innovation for individual utilization. This innovation helps people to connect with their pets and track their everyday exercises. Some of the pet wearable such as Invoxia, Whistle 3, Link AKC and Fitbark are known around the world for their quality and durability. Pet wearables empowers action following, monitor heart and respiratory rates alongside rest patterns and calories consumed off by their canine or cats. These gadgets produce information with respect to food intake of pets, which might be helpful for pet owners to investigate their pet’s wellbeing and prosperity.

Leading Pet Wearables Manufacturers Who Make These Top Selling Products:


Fitbark is one of the leading pet wearable manufacturer located in the Kansas City, US. Fitbark is an emerging name in the list of pet wearable manufacturers and it was founded on 2013. The top selling pet wearable manufactured by Fitbark is Fitbark 2, which is a next-generation product which uses an accelerometer for the tracking of pets.

Link AKC

Link AKC is another name in the pet accessories market and manufactures innovative pet wearables. Link AKC was founded in 2015 and is headquartered at Portsmouth, UK. The bestselling pet wearable made by Link AKC is the Link AKC smart dog collar, that can track your dog, allowing you to set up digital safe zones and receive alerts when they leave those zones.


Invoxia is among the leading pet wearable manufacturers, located at Issy-les- Moulineux, France. Invoxia was established in 2010 by Eric Carreel, and employs more than 50 professionals. Invoxia smart collar is the leading pet wearable product made by Invoxia, and it is designed with GPS location features so personalized security zones can be defined within the app.


Whistle is an emerging brand in the pet accessories market, making technologically innovative pet wearables. Whistle is headquartered at San Francisco, US and was founded in 2012 by Ben Jacobs, Kevin Lloyd, and Steven Eidelman. One of bestselling pet wearable manufactured by Whistle is Whistle 3, which is a device that arries GPS tracking and pet wellness in one band and ideally suited for smaller dogs and cats.

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What is Making Pet Wearables So Trendy in the Global Pet Accessories Industry?

The surge in global pet wearables demand is primarily driven by advancements in wireless area networks, efficient and cost-effective wireless sensors, higher adoption of digital maps and development of a mobile application with inbuilt digital maps. One of the important factors expected to propel the growth of pet wearable market is increasing technological advancements, which is enabling connection of smart devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets to these pet wearable devices which enables the user to continually monitor the health and track the movement of their pets. The present era is observing a transformation in the animal healthcare market attributing to the increasing attachment of pet-owners with companion animals along with the rise in awareness regarding their physical fitness as well as mental well-being. Hence, companies are determined to provide every possible benefit of the recent and upcoming technological advancements that can track, monitor, control, diagnose or even treat various behavioural and medical issues associated with pets, thus, having the potential to drive the pet accessories market growth.


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