Top Pet Accessories Manufacturers in 2019

Top Pet Accessories Manufacturers

Global Pet Accessories Market Outlook

The global pet accessories industry is poised to experience a stellar growth over the next few years owing to rise in adoption of pets across many developed and developing countries in the world. Some of the top pet accessories manufacturers in the pet accessory industry are emphasizing on product premiumization and technological innovation to expand their market revenue. Growing availability of pet accessories wholesale at pet supply store online is expected to drive the growth of the global pet accessories market. Consumers in the pet accessories industry are increasingly preferring products such as dog accessories that are made of organic and premium quality owing to rising awareness about the health and wellness for their pets. Many pet accessories manufacturers are focusing on evolving trends and designs and retailing pet accessories online for a global reach and increased revenues. According to the latest market research report by Technavio, the global pet accessories industry is forecast to witness a CAGR of around 7% for the next five years driven by willingness of the consumers to spend on premium pet accessories.

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Online Shopping Sites for Pet Accessories are Rising

The leading pet accessories manufacturers are expected to increase their production capacities to meet the growing demand pet accessories wholesale as there is a growing awareness about the well-being of pets. Many countries such as the US, have laid down stringent regulations and norms to promote better safety and care of pet animals, which is likely to contribute to higher profit margins for pet supply stores online and pet accessories wholesale suppliers. Dog accessories such as dog collars, dog booties, organic, rubber, and plush dog toys are some of the top selling pet accessories available from the leading pet accessories manufacturers. Pet care products and pet accessories wholesale are gaining huge popularity and these industries are expected to continue their robust growth momentum over the next few years. Here follows a list of the top pet accessories manufacturers in 2019 who are geared for a meteoric growth in the coming future.

Top Pet Accessories Manufacturers in 2019

1.      Ancol Pet Products

Ancol Pet Products is one of the leading pet accessories manufacturers in the world and was incorporated by Ann and Collin Lane in 1971. The headquarters of Ancol Pet Products is based at Walsall, England and this top pet accessories wholesale supplier boasts of warehousing capacity of more than 70,000 square feet with almost 100 employed professionals. Some of the leading brands owned by Ancol Pet Products are Acticat, Sleepy Paws, Ergo, Timberwolf, Muddy Paws, and Treat Balls.

2.      Ferplast

Ferplast is an internationally acclaimed pet accessories wholesale supplier in the list of top pet accessories manufacturers in 2019. Ferplast was established in 1966 by Carlo Vaccari at an Italian hamlet known as Costo di Arzigano. Presently, Ferplast owns 3 production plants across the globe, 12 commercial spaces, has a product portfolio of around 4,000 items, and exports pet accessories and products to 85 countries in the world. Ferplast, one of the best pet accessories manufacturer makes a wide range of products such as Ferplast Ergoflex G, Ferplast Cage, Ferplast Dog Collar, and Ferplast Dog Carrier.

3.      Rolf C. Hagen

Rolf C. Hagen (Hagen Inc.), one of the top pet accessories manufacturers was founded by Rolf C. Hagen in 1955, along with his siblings, Horst and Dieter Hagen. Rolf C. Hagen has its head office at Montreal, Canada with office branches in USA, UK, Germany, France, and Malaysia. Rolf C. Hagen is among the largest wholesale supplier of pet accessories online and currently owns more than 2 million square feet area for global distribution. Exo Terra, Zoë, Catit, Fluval and Fluval Sea, Marina, Habitrail, Laguna, and Zeus are some of the top-selling brands owned by Rolf C. Hagen.

4.      Rosewood Pet Products

Rosewood Pet Products was established in 1960 to become one of the top pet accessories manufacturers in the world and is headquartered at Broseley, UK. Rosewood Pet Products is an established name in the list of leading pet accessories wholesale suppliers with an efficient pet accessories online delivery system to over 60 countries. A few of the notable brands owned by Rosewood Pet Products are Jolly Moggy, Catwalk Collection, and BioSafe. Also, pet accessory brands such as Jakks Pacific, Lishinu, Pet Mate, Evolution Aqua, MP Bergamo, Sydeco, and TropiClean are exclusively distributed by Rosewood Pet Products.

5.      Spectrum Brands

Spectrum Brands is another leading pet accessory manufacturer in 2019, located at Wisconsin, US and established as a diversified company in 2005 as a spin-off from Rayovac Corporation. Some of the best selling pet accessories and products made by Spectrum Brands are Tetra, Nature’s Miracle, Dingo, FURminator, Healthy Hide, Prosense, Birdola, Perfect Coat, Wild Harvest, and Ecotrition.

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Pet Accessories Market Trends: Top Pet Accessories Manufacturers are Geared for a Meteoric Rise

The leading pet accessories manufacturers are spending heavily on R&D of new technology and products that cater to the demands of the evolving pet accessories consumers. Most of the pet accessories wholesale suppliers are focused on introducing premium quality products and using the internet to sell pet accessories online. Several pet supply stores online have built innovative and user-friendly websites that are optimized to give consumers a hassle-free experience of buying pet accessories online. Dog accessories dominated the global pet accessories market and is expected to continue being the largest revenue generating segment for the top pet accessories manufacturers. The key players in the pet accessories industry will seek to extend their product portfolio and offer new varieties of pet accessories to remain competitive in the market.


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