Action Cameras : Capturing Adventures on the Go!

Life is an irreversible journey and every moment lived, is soon history that cannot be relived again. However, pictures and videos are eternal and nothing brings back the pleasure and delight of reminiscing quite like gazing back at photographs and films. This excitement and thrill is thanks to the ever-evolving camera technologies over the decades, from pinhole tech to Kodak’s first digital camera, to the modern cameras including DSLR, 3D cameras, smartphones and many other Ultra HD variants, essentially known as Action Cameras. The embedded technology sure has come a long way and has charted and re-charted the course of professional and amateur photography.

Apart from the usual cam – tech to capture indoor and outdoor moments, the action camera stands as an eye catching and adventurous go-to-tool for those looking to capture extreme action sports or adventurous activities. Action cameras are proficient at capturing high-speed and superior quality images and high – definition films even in the harshest environment. Smaller units, amplified resolution, and flying ability give the new generation of action cameras an edge on land, at sea, and in the air.

Capture the Extreme Action, and Business Opportunities

As the trends and technologies evolve constantly in the global action cameras market, the need for in-depth market insights, comprising of the latest trends and challenges, is gaining momentum too. As per the experts at Technavio, the global action camera market is expected to top $6 billion by the year 2021. Ultra HD cameras contribute the highest market share in contrast to other segments amounting to over 45% of the overall market pie.

The World of Action Cameras : From SD to Ultra HD Cameras

Action cameras started off with the early attempts of capturing footage from the first-person POV with an attached camera on the person’s helmet. This was the era of VHS camera, Canon Ci-10, and many other variants with a standard definition.

Right now, this is the GoPro generation. A lucrative industry is manufacturing a series of high-definition personal cameras that are more personalized than ever before. GoPro is the initial company to host a compact, lightweight, rugged, wearable and waterproof solution that is mountable on the person, as they attempt the most unusual of activities. GoPro became the flagbearer for this discipline post the launch of its HERO range of action cameras.

The new generation ultra HD action cameras bestow thrilling experiences such as 4k+ resolution, capturing wide angles, waterproof specs, excellent still image quality, and stable footage. To render these features, the vendors in the global action cameras market use several innovative technologies.

Snapping up the Market – Innovation is the Key 

Action camera market has witnessed a surge of new entrants with astonishing innovations providing a variety of new cam technology products that are affordable and loaded with numerous exciting specifications. GoPro is still a market leader in action camera industry, however, manufacturers like Sony and Polaroid has also entered the competitive race with a new range of products backed with impressive features and services. Apart from these brands, Drift, Garmin, iON, Rollei, are some of the other leading brands in the global action cameras market.

Train your Focus on the Competition

The global action camera market is an ever-evolving sector with escalating innovations and technologies. The entry to this market is marked by a surge of barriers and entails a thorough study on several aspects including the new trends, technologies, challenges, and drivers. Technavio’s market insights comprising of actionable and profitable solutions assist firms in the associated industry to gain viable knowledge on several aspects of the industry including trends, challenges, drivers and the competitive landscape.

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