Eye Tracking Devices: The Next Frontier of Human-Tech Interaction

Eye tracking

The idea of measuring and responding to human eye motion  isn’t new, but the past year saw an increasing interest in the eye tracking technology.  The eye-tracking is the measurement of eye activity. It implies the recording of eye position and movements based on the optical tracking of corneal reflections to evaluate visual attention.

Most modern eye tracking software accessible in the market employ four different techniques viz. electro-sensor, scleral search coil, infrared, and video-based eye tracking along with high-resolution cameras. The eye tracking hardware products including remote and head-mounted eye trackers use an optical camera to track the movements of the eye and its focal points.

Eye trackers: One tech for multiple applications

The use of eye tracking systems is rising significantly. Whether its with psychology research, usability testing, market research, or other investigations into human attention -eye tracking equipment is an essential tool in several cases. The following are fields were the eye tracking systems are widely deployed.

Research: Psychology, market, consumer

The eye tracking devices usage in psychology and neuroscience research will aid researchers to study and investigate visuomotor pathways that enable better understanding of the degree of brain damage, neurological diseases, and other defects in the visual and neurological functions of the test subject.

Marketing and consumer research includes areas such as package design analysis, advertising strategies, branding, and understanding shopping behavior. End-users can analyze and mathematically quantify eye movements of an individual as well as their behavior while carrying out their natural tasks by capturing such data.

Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR)

Eye tracking is one of the significant technology behind virtual reality(VR) and augmented reality(AR). AR and VR furnishes data to adjust the perception of images using precise eye tracking about what the user is noticing within the field of view.

With the aim to improve the processing capabilities of devices, the eye tracking systems are widely adopted and integrated into AR and VR.  Eye trackers used in AR hardware measure the  point of gaze of the eye as well as the motion of the eye inside the socket. It  records these movements using cameras and sensors for better analysis and future reference.

Technavio solutions: Uncovering Marketing Opportunities

Eye tracking has come a long way and the technology is starting to break out of the lab and onto the street. The global eye tracking device market is estimated to grow at an impressive CAGR over the next few years. However, it is significant for firms in the industry to study the market before implementation.

Technavio have done a comprehensive study on global eye tracking device market based on in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the detailed insights of the industry including key vendors, growth prospects, challenges and other related aspects.

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