vr in education

VR in Education: How Virtual Reality Has Transformed School Teaching in 2019

Virtual reality used in education is becoming increasingly popular and this trend will continue as market growth is expected to witness a significant boom over the next five years. Many industry experts believe that the introduction of virtual reality (VR) technology for educational purposes is offering the best solution to improve the way of conventional…

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Eye tracking

Eye Tracking Devices: The Next Frontier of Human-Tech Interaction

The idea of measuring and responding to human eye motion  isn’t new, but the past year saw an increasing interest in the eye tracking technology.  The eye-tracking is the measurement of eye activity. It implies the recording of eye position and movements based on the optical tracking of corneal reflections to evaluate visual attention. Most…

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CES 2017 Brings Exciting Developments in Realms of Drones and VR

Drones really took off at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES), with over 40 different exhibitors showcasing everything from selfie drones to underwater drones to drones shaped like ships from Star Wars. As these miniature aircrafts become more popular and their technology becomes more sophisticated, drone manufacturers are targeting the consumer market with diverse and…

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