Aerospace Coatings Market : Scalability with Profitability, One Coat at a Time

Aerospace Coatings Market

The aviation industry is perhaps witnessing one of the best times in its history. Innovative technology, industry-friendly regulations, and rising demand from the middle class are some of the many factors which have propelled the industry to soar higher. As with any industry, the enormous growth of the aviation sector has further spread out to related peripheral industries as well. Aerospace coatings industry is one such sector which has directly gained a lot of traction from positive developments in the airline sector.

Aerospace coatings : Providing the much-needed finishing touch

It would be a misconception that just the commercial aircraft industry has contributed to advances in the aerospace coatings market. Rather, the military segment too deserves its due credit for pushing the vendors in the aerospace coatings market to develop products which are powered by technology, are sustainable, and cost-effective.

For instance, vendors like Sherwin-Williams are consistently working towards manufacturing products and paint systems which are in sync with the latest demands from the end-users. Lately, its MIL-PRF-32348 Type III, Class I Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC) Powder Topcoat got approval from the U.S. Army Research Lab. This powder provides maximum coverage and corrosion resistance to military vehicles and warfighters. The fact that the CARC powder has near zero gloss, and protects the vehicle from being detected by infrared signature, is one of the critical factors for the product to gain approval from the authorities.

Another development which has interestingly led to growing demand for aerospace coatings is the high incidences of mergers and acquisitions which the aviation industry is witnessing at present. In fact, in such situations, manufacturers of aerospace coatings get the opportunity to be actively involved in the entire revamping and rebranding process. Right from coming up with new colors, better liveries, to adopting the latest technologies (which are critical in protecting the assets), providers of coatings bring a lot to the table.

Future of aerospace coatings market : Painting a strong picture

While the industry is witnessing immense challenge in the form of unsatisfactory curing standards of opaque coatings; the trend of chrome-free and high-performance coatings is a positive aspect which manufacturers are making the most of. The polyurethane resin segment is another area in this industry which has caught the fancy of aircraft manufacturers. All in all, the aerospace coatings market is one industry which is full of opportunities for vendors. If disrupted in the right manner, it will be a matter of less than a decade that the market will gain huge momentum in APAC and EMEA regions as well.