Smartwatch Market Gets its New Champion : Apple’s First LTE Offering, Watch Series 3

Apple has just debuted the most awaited series of products on Tuesday, as revealed by CEO Tim Cook and the team at the Apple press event in shiny Steve Jobs Theatre. The company has unveiled its third version of Apple Watch, the smartwatch which was first launched in 2015. Since then, the smartwatch has largely been an accessory to the iPhone while delivering common features such as fitness, notification and authentication payments.

Built-in cellular in Apple’s next-generation smart watch

The biggest step-forward with Apple’s latest series 3 watch is that it has built-in cellular capability. As expected and rumored, Apple made deft use of the emerging eSIM technology to allow users to run all the supported apps on the device without carrying their iPhones. A user can now make phone calls, stream music, use maps, all without the phone in tow. This is possible because the new Apple Watch Series 3 model connects to the mobile network using the same phone and account number through electronic SIM.

Global Smartwatch MarketIn its third Series, Apple succeeded to add cellular connectivity without bloating the weight of the device, and without affecting water resistance or destroying the battery life. This is quite an achievement and a massive step ahead for the smartwatch technology.

The Apple Watch Series 3 is empowered with a new dual-core processor which is assured to deliver 70% more performance than its predecessor, Series 2. The improved performance means that the popular Siri application can now talk through the inbuilt speakers, reading out information without the user needing to look at the display.

Adding to these features, there is a new W2 chip deployed in this innovative product for wireless connectivity, helping boost Wi-Fi performance to 85% and increase power efficiency for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to 50%.

Brand new colors, but size and weight remain unchanged

Despite all the innovative tech and improvements, Apple Watch Series 3 is still the same size as its predecessor Series 2. However, it comes in an assortment of new finishes and bands. Now, of course, Apple is busting out new color choices and bands, including new versions of the Hermes and Nike+ editions.

The Apple Watch 3 is equal in size to the Watch Series 2 but has a novel, red digital crown, and signal meter, along with a built-in barometric altimeter. Then, there is a new color option in ceramic grey finish that joins last year’s premium ceramic white model, for those with deeper pockets.

The form factor does not feel any different from the Series 2. Tim Cook said this when announcing the Watch that the new addition to Apple’s lineup is only 0.25mm thicker than its predecessor.

New watch gets the new operating system

Apple had already announced its WatchOS 4 operating system in an event earlier this year, and announced that the same will be available for the existing Apple Watch series devices around autumn. The new Apple Watch Series 3 will come with the latest operating system straight out of the box.

The updated operating system will comprise of new features ranging from a Siri watch face, which can proactively bring suitable information to new watch faces including Toy Story-themed options and person-to-person Apple Pay payments. In addition, the music applications inbuilt in the Apple watch will now auto-sync certain playlists, which means the user will now have access to their most favorite tunes from the watch seamlessly.

How much will this beauty cost you?

While the Apple’s standard Series 3 Watch has a price cut by about $40 and now starts at $329, the cellular model will cost you more – starting at $399. Apple will continue to sell the Series 1 Watch at a new lower price of $249.

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