Agricultural Robotics: A Cutting-Edge Tech Feeding the World

AI in Agriculture

As the world’s population expands and the menace of food scarcity looms over our head, the race is on to upsurge agricultural productivity and develop agricultural tech that can aid farmers to produce products more efficiently and sustainably. Agricultural robotics has a vital part to play  in this endeavor. Robots have been employed in the industrial world since a long time, and since then its application has expanded to sectors like transportation, manufacturing, healthcare, and even agriculture.

With the upsurge in technology in the agriculture segment, farming is turning out to be more sophisticated and modernized. The strong focus is mainly on improving productivity using sustainable ways and reducing the carbon footprint in the process. Proponents of the robotics market are hosting offerings that are equipped with the intelligence to operate in unstructured and dynamic agricultural environments.

A Promising Future for the Next-Generation Farmers

The future for agricultural robotics is looking upbeat, thanks to the upsurge of technologies comprising artificial intelligence, navigation algorithms, motion sensors, and machine vision that are enabling robots to perform mobile, delicate, and sophisticated knowledge-based work. As per experts at technavio the global agricultural robots market is estimated to reach $4billion with the major contribution from drones and robotic milking systems.

The Agricultural Robotics’ Ongoing Challenges

The acquisition of robotics entails high initial investment as well as maintenance costs that impacts the growth of the robotics market. In addition to that, the seasonal nature of agriculture, resulting in robots being underutilized, act as a major deterrent to the adoption of agricultural robots.

Lack of skilled operators and proper training has also resulted in a certain disinclination to roll out wide-scale automation executions. Battery life and carrying capacity, weather dependent drone usage, and low product awareness are some of the other tech issues that the industry must overcome.

Competitive Landscape: Potential Brands Rule the Market

The competition among the sellers in the global agricultural robotics market is intense regarding product features, price, customized solutions, and services offered. The industry is characterized by the presence of international vendors such as DJI, Lely, DeLaval, Harvest Automation, Parrot, and Precision Hawk who compete with each other on the basis of new product developmentsto attain a competitive advantage.

Technavio Solutions: A Pathway to Value Creation

The agriculture robotics market is growing with an impresseive CAGR due to their high demand from farmers for their operations. Though the adoption rate is escalating, the market is facing multiple challenges, which may influence the market’s growth prospects over the next few years. Technavio also helps the associated firms in the industry to gain profound knowledge about the market comprising challenges, trends, growth drivers, and a competitive landscape assessment.

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