indoor farming

Indoor Farming: The Doorway to Agriculture 2.0

Climate change has disrupted the natural rhythm of agricultural cycles, which is why alternate modes of farming have garned the attention of agriculturists, policy makers, and industry experts. Any discussion about Agriculture 2.0 is incomplete without touching upon indoor farming. Often called the “future of agriculture”, indoor farming marks a significant change in farming approaches…

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Smart Farming

The Future of Farming is ‘Smart’: Deciphering the Layers of Hi-Tech Agriculture

In today’s digital world, it is not surprising that agriculturalists turn to IoT, big data, and machine to machine (M2M) technology, to maximize yield, maintain a steady flow of food in the supply chain, and optimize efficiency. Also, as the area of arable land keeps declining and populations increase at a steady pace, it is…

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Agriculture M2M : Elevating Agri-business to New Heights

As the world population, and the associated global consumption of food are both rising at an unprecedented pace, the resultant pressure on farmers to match the demand is undoubtedly a major concern in the agriculture industry. So, how can farmers boost the productivity? While the agriculturalists continue to feed the world, a wide range of…

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AI in Agriculture

Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture: A Disruptive Technology Which Holds the Future of Food Supply

This is the second installment in our blog series that explores the growing prominence of artificial intelligence in some of the more important sectors of our economy. Read about the rise of AI in the modern context, here. With the enormous growth in the world population, the farmers are switching to smarter techniques that can…

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