Global Industrial Ethernet/IP Market

Industrial Ethernet is Enabling Smart Automation Connectivity on the Factory Floor

From a network that was used to connect official workstations to a technology that is deployed to monitor and control the systems in the manufacturing space, Ethernet/IP technology has grown by leaps and bounds within the past decade. Today, ethernet networks are the primary solutions for industrial automation applications, thanks to their ability to enhance…

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Global Photoelectric Sensors Market

Nucleus of a Revolution: Photoelectric Sensors are Playing a Big Part in Speeding Up Industrial Automation

From packaging to manufacturing and from pharmaceuticals to the food and beverages sector, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) in collaboration with big data is boosting operations in nearly every industry vertical. However, it all begins with small data from smart sensors, particularly photoelectric sensors, that are emphasized as the most apt choice for packaging, material handling, automotive,…

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Global Industrial Smart Sensors Market

Smart Sensors for the Fourth Industrial Revolution : Molding the Future of Smart Industry with Advanced Technology

With the rapid growth of connected technologies, the industrial world is transforming in a trend that conforms to a number of headlined names including the fourth industrial revolution, smart manufacturing, and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). In the process as well as discrete industries, intelligent field machines have now become the norm, thanks to the…

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smart machines

Smart Machines Powered by IIoT are Improving Productivity by Streamlining Processes Across Varied Industrial Sectors

From smartwatches that run a mobile operating systems, smart media players, smart cars that can park themselves and smart pills that can measure body temperature seamlessly, these days almost everything is being automated and connected to the internet. In this light, smart machine technology has ‘evolved’ to analyze, compute and reason, just like a human…

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AI industrial robots

Smartening up with Artificial Intelligence : What’s in it for the Industrial Sector?

In our previous blogs in this series, we reviewed the overriding impact and varied applications of artificial intelligence in the US education sector, and the ever-growing agriculture industry. In this final series blog, we will set a spotlight on the applications of AI technology in the industrial sector. After decades of extravagant promises, artificial intelligence…

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Luggage at airport

Roadblocks Grounding the Smart Baggage Handling Solutions Market

Smart baggage handling (SBH) solutions, is perhaps one of the best use of industrial IoT. Not only does it alleviate the pressures placed on the ground support personnel, but it also makes the entire travel experience smooth and hassle-free. This is particularly important at a time when the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has mandated…

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