healthcare data analytics companies

Top 10 Healthcare Data Analytics Companies in 2018

Big data has found its way into the healthcare system and is causing massive improvements like higher operational efficiency, decreasing healthcare costs, better fraud detection, more accurate diagnosis, the introduction of telehealth and so much more. The ideal healthcare data analytics companies will make the above possible and forever change the way patients receive care.   Top…

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Healthcare industry

The Healthcare Industry in 2017: Top Trends, Challenges, and Future Outlook

For an industry which is often slated as one of the most conservative and least open to major technological innovations– the healthcare sector has witnessed some major breakthroughs and opportunities in 2017. As we approach the end of the year, it is interesting to analyze how the healthcare industry has turned into a prime space…

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Holter Monitor

Hearty Homecare Solutions : Holter Monitor is Pioneering the Practice of Self Heart Monitoring

In the past few decades, we have witnessed an array of product developments and technological innovations in the healthcare industry. From health monitoring devices to fitness tracking applications and several other diagnostic tools, all are paving the way to improving our health and preventing deadly diseases. However, in the context of diagnosing heart activities, Holter…

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Future of Health Care Services is Definitely Connected

In the global medical scene, data, has never been bestowed the importance that it richly deserves. However, with the convergence of the digital, financial, and medical worlds on the same platform, the definition of health care services has taken a new dimension – “beyond the product.” A seamless reimbursement process, backed with cost-effective delivery of…

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wearable technology

Wearable Technology : High Impact Devices Help Healthcare Industry Offer Real-time Medical Solutions

A lot has been said about how the healthcare industry has been a rather conservative space when it comes to adoption of technology. At the same time, there is no denying the fact that technology – be it in the form of big data, cloud computing, or wearable devices – has already made inroads in…

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Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors are Helping Personalize Healthcare, Driving Competition and Profits

Keeping a close track of key bodily functions like pulse rate, respiration, and temperature as well as monitoring the blood pressure are the primary requisites of modern medical care. In order to cater to this need, digital blood pressure monitors are the go-to implements, empowering the consumers to stay cognizant about their health and monitor…

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surgical laser

Surgical Lasers : Foolproof Clinical Outcomes with Cutting Edge Technology

For any surgical specialist in the healthcare industry, surgical lasers are essential tools that are used in both human and veterinary medicine. Surgical laser is mainly used in the treatment of chronic disorders as well as therapies including photodynamic, laser-assisted procedures, photomedicine, and light therapy. This pathbreaking technology has gained immense traction in the past…

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healthcare logistics

Healthcare Logistics – Prescribing Stable Productivity to Chaotic Supply Chains

The hospital’s triage, operating room scheduling, and emergency medical services in healthcare industry act as regular roadblocks that demand precise planning with regards to logistics and operations research. Healthcare is one of the largest growing industries that employs optimization tools. The healthcare industry enlists the help of logistics to manage the way resources are stored, acquired…

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