Top 10 Healthcare Data Analytics Companies in 2018

healthcare data analytics companies

Big data has found its way into the healthcare system and is causing massive improvements like higher operational efficiency, decreasing healthcare costs, better fraud detection, more accurate diagnosis, the introduction of telehealth and so much more. The ideal healthcare data analytics companies will make the above possible and forever change the way patients receive care.


Top 10 Healthcare Data Analytics Companies in 2018:

IBM logo1) This multi-billion dollar American company is a consistent innovator for numerous solutions in many vital industries. It is a world leader in addressing technological change and acting as an industry standard. Efficiency is its goal and the company has been successful in improving patient care and providing greater value to clients.

IBM Watson Health is the healthcare industry’s premier HIPAA-enabled, cloud-based data analytics platform. It has the ability to effectively utilize big data for clinical integration, predictive analytics and business intelligence. IBM’s Explorys data and analytics solutions then translate data into meaningful insights.

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Cerner logo2) Cerner is a top healthcare data analytics company in the United States introducing powerful technology that connects people and systems. Over 27,000 contracted global healthcare providers already use its many solutions to build on and improve patient-centric care.

HealtheAnalytics is the healthcare data company’s analytics solution that offers to “examine enterprise and population health content designed around specific analytic use cases, using data across the health continuum.” Examples of available packages include cost and utilization, home care, pharmacy spend and adherence, practice management and readmissions. Cerner also has a data warehouse solution, HealtheEDWSM, that can discover hidden trends and variables within healthcare data.

Health Catalyst logo3) The founders of Health Catalyst unearthed problems with current data analytics modeling approaches and built their business on a solution: Adaptive Data Architecture. Instead of taking months or years to implement a new system, Catalyst’s adaptive data model can be implemented in weeks. Clients work with a team of healthcare IT experts to ensure the process runs smoothly year-round.

By figuring out how to use technology to unify data, the company develops a range of products, applications and services for every stage of the Analytic Adoption Model, which ranges from 0 (Fragmented Point Solutions) to 8 (Cost per Unit of Health Reimbursement & Prescriptive Analytics). Health Catalyst promises that their products can be optimized for any IT environment already in place, as well as scalable to meet future healthcare data analytics needs.

HealthEC logo4) HealthEC is a private global business headquartered in New Jersey, with offices in New York and India. It is a value-based-care solution and service expert that is transforming the healthcare environment with intuitive technology and advisory services. Clients using this healthcare data analytics technology achieve measurable results from their population health management solutions, clinically integrated networks, value-based care contracting, value-based care management services and CMS initiatives.

The company processes over 40 million claims on an annual basis while providing services for more than 425,000 patients covered under value-based reimbursement models like Medicare and Medicaid.

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Epic logo5) This well-known American healthcare software company offers everything from patient engagement tools to large healthcare data analytics systems. It currently has data from 190 million patients in order to help healthcare as a whole run more efficiently. The company’s software is found in hospitals, clinics, university research centers, patients’ homes and even apps on smartphones.

There are numerous benefits to Epic’s healthcare data analytics, such as the ability to harness data from any vendor source, engage patients by providing access to their health data and much more. In January 2018, Yale New Haven Hospital partnered with Epic Solutions to use real-time big data and key operational services that will enhance healthcare quality and efficiency.

Amitech Solutions logo6) Amitech is an American healthcare data analytics company that has a vision of providing informed healthcare to ensure better health. Its technologies aim to help transform the current healthcare landscape into one that is affordable, sustainable and informed, and all through big data analytics.

The company is able to develop a comprehensive analytics strategy based on a client’s exact needs, which reduces costs, provides a better patient experience, reduces readmissions and offers more efficient supply chain management. Even after healthcare data analytic implementation, Amitech continually monitors outcomes so it can ensure the data analytics solution is working properly.

Acmeware_logo7) Transforming data into knowledge is the goal of this American healthcare data analytics company. It currently operates throughout the United States and Canada, employing only 30 full-time employees but partnering with 50+ hospitals. This smaller company has been able to produce OneView, “a web-based application for the organization, analysis, presentation, consumption, and distribution of healthcare information, primarily derived from a MEDITECH DR.” The system’s potential only continues to grow as it begins incorporating additional custom and standard packages that leverage both data and analytical content.

Conifer Health Solutions_logo8) Conifer offers an extensive range of healthcare solutions that includes healthcare data analytics. The ConiferCore Population Health Intelligence platform offers healthcare facilities secure, web-based access to complete clinical and financial data. The platform can access clinical and administrative data from multiple sources, which gives clients simpler access to disease registries, predictive analytics, population risk stratifications, hospital admission data and referral data. An interactive dashboard is also included, along with preconfigured reports and a self-service analytics platform that can integrate and leverage data sets.

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Prognos_logo9) This American healthcare data analytics company was founded in 2003 and has since been able to provide clients access to the industry’s only multi-lab intelligence solutions. This offers real-time market share data, testing trends and analytics. Prognos not only uses clinical diagnostics expertise but also AI and highly scalable technology platforms. The company currently works with some of United State’s largest labs in order to provide new sources of revenue, improve data quality/uniformity and also enhance clients’ value in the healthcare industry.

Prognos can integrate existing healthcare technologies and bring in more incremental revenue and operational opportunities.

Optum_logo10) Optum delivers OptumIQ, which is curated data, leading analytics and applied expertise all infused into one product. As one of the world’s leading healthcare data analytics companies, Optum contains the wisdom of over 26,000 experts that work towards building a common system to provide purpose, guidance and results for healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities. OptumIQ can be added into the company’s other solutions in order to create a complete package that helps clients measure and improve patient outcomes, manage costs and improve access to appropriate care.

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