hearing aid manufacturers

Top 7 Hearing Aid Manufacturers in the World 2018

Global Hearing Aid Market Analysis World’s leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world are forecast to witness an accelerated growth over the next few years driven by increasing population who experience loss of hearing and growing adoption of hearing amplification devices. This latest market research report, global hearing aid market report indicates that the industry…

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digital health products

Top 10 Digital Health Products Redefining Healthcare

Digital health products are unfolding a real revolution right before our eyes. Never before have medical professionals, technicians, and entrepreneurs come together to build products that will simplify the entire healthcare delivery process. Digital health products – exciting times for tech start-ups? The fee-for-service (FFS) model has been replaced with the value-based model of treatment,…

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America’s Obsession with Yoga is Good News for the Global Yoga Mats Market

One of the most telling symbols of the post-modern age, referencing the growing dedication towards personal health and symbolizing a powerful and productive exercise regime is the humble yoga mat. A rectangular piece of fabric, usually made from thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) or a strategic mix of jute and rubber, yoga mats are tasked with keeping…

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Brain Health Supplements

Brain Health Supplements: The Go-to Nutrition for Boosting Brain Health

A healthy brain can mean apt mental development, strong cognitive function, great learning skills, and a high quality of life. The extreme requisite to accomplish day-to-day undertakings that turn out to be difficult with age is driving the massive demand for several brain health supplements in the health and wellness industry. Often termed as smart…

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