Top 10 Condom Brands Leading the Global Condom Market 2020

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With an expected global revenue of more than USD 11 billion by 2022, the global condom market is all set to grow at an exponential rate. Comprehensive sex education programs to prevent STDs and STIs, as well as efforts towards better family planning, especially in developing countries, have been a major reason for the world’s leading condom brands to expand into new regions. In countries like the US, innovative marketing strategies by leading condom brands have pushed demand for this product.

The global condom market has the potential to grow by $3.44 billion during 2020-2024, registering a strong CAGR of over 8% during the forecast period. For more information and market intelligence about the global condom market size, top condom manufacturers and brands, and future trends in this market, please download the Global Condom Market Report Sample for FREE!

Top 10 Condom Brands Leading the Global Condom Market 2020

Durex Condoms

These condoms are specifically designed to prevent premature ejaculation problems. The UK-based company is the first brand to develop and use electronic testing for its condoms and also released the first anatomically shaped condom. Apart from condoms, Durex also manufactures lubricants and rings.

In 2002, Durex made a major social impact by supporting a gender equity program in Brazil named ‘Program H.’ Such projects have been later followed up in countries like India as well.

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Trojan Condoms

Trojan is one of the bestselling condom brands in the US, and is manufactured by the Church & Dwight Company. It is also one of the leading brands in the female condom segment: Trojan Her Pleasure Condoms are manufactured using premium-quality latex to reduce the risk of STIs and pregnancies. This is one of the few condoms which is designed from a woman’s perspective, which explains its high sales especially in the US and Canada.

Apart from condoms, Trojan also manufactures lubricants and vibrators. One of America’s leading condom brands, there are more than 30 condom varieties offered by Trojan.

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Lifestyles SKYN Condoms

One of the first condoms to be made from polyisoprene, Lifestyles Skyn condoms are known for the comfort and natural feeling they provide to users. Their non-latex material makes the brand highly popular among sensitive condom users.

Lifestyles is a global leader in the sexual wellness sector, offering personal lubricants, condoms, and related products. Jissbon, Blowtex, Unimil, and Manix are some of the other innovative non-latex condom brands from this company.

Astroglide Lubes

The water-based, petroleum-free condom by Astroglide Lubes has consistently been among the top condom brands for a few years now. Astroglide is a California-based company that excels in manufacturing personal lubricants and desensitizing sprays. Astroglide’s products are moisturizing, long lasting, and advertise better satisfaction for users.

Kimono Microthin Condoms

This brand is known for manufacturing condoms using advanced latex engineering FDA and ISO specs. Boasting products that are 38% thinner than traditional condoms, Kimono has made it to the list of top global condom brands. Manufactured using premium natural latex state-of-art Japanese technology, Kimono condoms are vegan and paraben-free.

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Beyond Seven Condoms

A product from the Okamoto brand, Beyond Seven condoms are made from advanced latex called Sheerlon. The Japanese company Okamoto formed after the merging of four companies and today is a world leader in latex technology. The number one Japanese condom brand has several users outside the APAC region as well.

Trustex Condoms

A product of Line One Labs, Trustex Ribbed and Studded condoms are the newest entrants in the area of textured condoms. The California-based company is a strong advocate of safe sex using phthalate-free latex barriers. Rain lubricants and Lixx are other popular brands from Line One Labs.

Cupid’s Female Condoms

A leading manufacturer of female condoms, Cupid Limited also makes condoms for men, along with lubricant jelly. The Indian company has a strong presence in 40 countries around the globe. It is the first company in the world to have been pre-qualified by WHO/UNFPA for the supply of both male and female condoms.

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Crown Condoms

Another top condom brand from Okamoto is Crown Condoms. Specially designed for highly sensitive users, Crown Condoms are known for their thinness. Just like the other condoms manufactured by Okamoto, Crown also makes use of Japanese technology to design products which have minimal latex odor.

ONE Pleasure Dome Condoms

A product offering from Ansell, the One Pleasure Dome condoms are known for their comfortable fit, premium silicone lubricant, and reservoir tip.

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Female Condoms: New Trends for Leading Condom Brands

Traditionally the male condom segment has held a dominant share of the global condom market; industry experts at Technavio predict the female condoms segment to be a major game-changer in the forthcoming years. Though still in a nascent stage, the market for female condoms is a promising domain as unlike contraceptive pills it does not have any side-effects, and condoms do not impact women’s natural hormone system.

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Among developed countries it is the US, Canada, UK, France, and Germany that have witnessed an increased adoption of female condoms. Also, the non-latex female condom segment has huge demand primarily because these products are non-allergic and provide better performance. As of 2019, the EMEA region was the largest contributor to the growth of the global female condom market. The urbanization in the APAC region is sure to have a positive influence on the female condom market.

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