3D printing trends

Top 3D Printing Trends Shaping the Global 3D Printing Market in 2019

The global 3D printing market has maintained its substantial growth through 2019, while several top 3D printing trends are expected to further revolutionize the way we adopt 3D printing technology in our industrial world. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, refers to the additive processes of making three dimensional objects by creating successive layers…

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trends in educational technology

Top 10 Trends in Educational Technology For 2018

From holding on to the antiquated methods of teaching and learning to transforming into an interactive and tech-savvy space, the latest trends in educational technology have redefined the education industry. In the year 2017 alone, investors staked close to $10 billion in edtech companies. If anything, this figure validates why the education technology is seen…

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Blended Learning

Blended E-Learning: Building Connected Classrooms

The blended e-learning system has been a major disruptive innovation in the education industry. Often referred to as “new normal” in the education sector, blended learning is a practical solution for the looming shortage of teachers, bleak education budgets, and an increased demand for better teaching process. Blended E-learning: changing the education paradigm from factory…

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MOOC education

Adoption of Massive Open Online Course(MOOCs) is Exploding: Here’s Why

At the turn of the 21st century and following the momentous rise of digital technology, the realm of education has been flooded with a surge of disruptive innovations destined to transform learning and usher in a new era of proficiency, effectiveness, and efficiency. Along with a wave of groundbreaking technologies that dramatically changed the world…

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DIY Education

Is DIY Education Generation Y’s Choice for their Kids?

With over 50% of Generation Y – Millennials – already enjoying parenthood, the focus on the most effective mode of educating their children has become increasingly important. As with every other choice made by this generation, their approach towards education is quite nontraditional. Of the various alternate learning methods, ‘do it yourself’/ DIY education seems…

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Information on the Go : Google Glass Can be the Next Big Thing in Education

Google, the hotbed for innovation and free thinking, introduced the Google Glass in 2013 to wide critical acclaim. A revolutionary concept that had little to do with the usage that glasses have been traditionally known for, Google Glass was all about integrating technology, especially social connectivity, at an absolute personal level. In recent times however,…

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smart education

Smart Education : Nudging the World towards Virtual Learning

As the world is embracing modern technologies at a lightning speed, industries including automotive, healthcare, energy and many other are open to adopting smart platforms that will redefine their business operations. Closer home, the digital revolution is undeniably marking its presence in the ever-growing education sector. Through the past decade, the education system has come…

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