Future of Blockchain

The Future of Blockchain: Top 5 Industries Expected to be Transformed by Blockchain

Blockchain technology has already caused a big stir in the global financial industry, creating substantial changes in the sector in terms of how people conduct financial transactions. Blockchain’s impact is so large in the financial sector that its technical innovations may be enough to revolutionize the global economy. However, this technology is not just stopping…

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Blockchain technology in gaming sector

Blockchain Technology is Emerging as the Next Big Thing in the Gaming Industry

From a purely console-based platform to a internet-based gaming model and now, digital gaming that includes innovations such as Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR), there has been remarkable transformations in the gaming world over the past two decades. Combine this with the steady rise in the adoption of smartphones and radical enablers like blockchain technology, and…

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IT outsourcing

Top IT Outsourcing Trends That Will Define the Sector in 2018

One of the most strategic of management tools, IT outsourcing enables organizations to refocus on their core goals and speed up the business process by increasing efficiency and transparency. 2017 witnessed  outsourcing services making  a major departure from the fixed pricing model, along with the immense popularity of the cloud-based system. According to our industry…

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Cryptocurrency Bitcoin

It pays to be cryptocurrency savvy in 2018

Cryptocurrency, a revolutionary digital medium of exchanging money, has been making headlines over the past few years. Indeed, the cryptocurrency craze is reaching frenzied levels, especially after Bitcoin prices rose above the $20,000 marker last year for the first time in history. Today, Cryptocurrencies are worth close to $200 billion worldwide, having more than doubled…

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