MIT’s New Technology in Human Vaccine : Promising to Combine All Childhood Vaccines into a Single Injection

From birth to the early infant years, almost all parents are familiar with the fact that their young child is required to get the most vaccination shots in the shortest period of time, mainly to reduce infectious and deadly diseases. However, most of the parents today, refuse to vaccinate their child, either due to the…

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shipbuilding industry

Shipbuilding Industry: 3D Printing Technology Bringing New Opportunities for Shipbuilding

The global shipbuilding industry has been maintaining a steady growth, mainly fuelled by increasing international imports and exports in recent decades. This industry is responsible for the construction of large commercial vessels intended for the merchant fleet (cargo or passenger transport), the oil container ships, and military ships. Therefore, it plays a crucial part in…

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3D printing trends

Top 3D Printing Trends Shaping the Global 3D Printing Market in 2019

The global 3D printing market has maintained its substantial growth through 2019, while several top 3D printing trends are expected to further revolutionize the way we adopt 3D printing technology in our industrial world. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, refers to the additive processes of making three dimensional objects by creating successive layers…

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Automotive Industry

Innovations in the Automotive Industry: Beyond Electric Cars

We are nearing the end of 2017 and the automotive industry is busy innovating at an unprecedented rate. Today, vehicles have become increasingly sophisticated, and onboard technology is turning them into computers on wheels. Most of the new-generation vehicles are equipped with cutting edge connectivity features, which helps in generating reams of data at high…

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Global Visual Technologies in Education Market

Top 5 Visual Technologies that are Rejuvenating the Education Industry

Visualization has always been a dependable way to understand and learn things. No wonder, the enriching benefits of visualization in the spheres of teaching and learning has progressively pushed educational institutions to deploy pathbreaking technologies as ‘smart learning’ tools, and the same are offered by a surge of innovative tech brands. Herein, emerging technologies including…

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