Top 5 Vendors for Advanced HVAC Controls Market– Competitive Analysis

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Technological advances, innovations, and product extensions, are the three major drivers of the global advanced HVAC controls market.

The latest research report from Technavio examines all the recent developments in the global advanced HVAC controls market, and rounds off five prominent vendors in the industry. The report also lists out the potential opportunities and challenges for stakeholders, alongside the newest trends that have improved and nurtured the demand for advanced HVAC controls.

Competitive vendor landscape

A wide product range is what has added the element of immense diversification in the global advanced HVAC controls market. Both regional and international vendors are battling it out to get hold of a major chunk of the profit pie; though it is quite clear that when it comes to quality, features, functionality, and services, outperforming the international vendors is a rather difficult task. The constant advances in technology has provided the international players an edge over their regional rivals, and according to our report, this trend will continue throughout the forecast period (2017-2021).

According to Anju Ajaykumar, a lead analyst at Technavio specializing in heavy industry, “The increase in urban population, backed with several ongoing projects in APAC countries, has triggered the demand for advanced HVAC controls in the market”.

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Top five vendors in the advanced HVAC controls market
1) Honeywell International

A diversified technology and manufacturing company, Honeywell International churns out aerospace products and services, control, turbochargers, sensing and security technologies, electronic and advanced materials, business and transportation related accessories, and energy efficient solutions for homes and businesses. Honeywell is focused on comprehensive R&D to gain the decisive advantage over its competition.

Key products: LCBS Connect, WebVision building managers, EagleAX plant controller, CO2 sensors, Humidity sensors, SmartVFD COMPACT, Farm and NEMA 4 temperature controllers.

2) Johnson Controls

Johnson Controls mainly deals with products, services, and solutions that optimize the energy and operational efficiency of buildings. The company designs, produces, markets, and installs HVAC and control systems, BMS, control and security, and mechanical equipment. It also specializes in energy management, consulting, technical services, and operation of complete real estate range for the non-residential buildings market. Residential air conditioning systems and industrial refrigeration products are some of its other major product offerings.

Key products: OEM controllers, variable speed drives, control panels, actuators, current sensors and transducers.

3) Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric manufactures and markets electrical and electronic products and systems worldwide. Its products are used in energy and electrical systems, industrial automation, information and communication systems, electronic devices, and home appliances. It provides room air conditioning systems, packaged air conditioners, VRF, ventilators, air curtains, and compressors.

Key products: Ventilators—Lossnay, Engine management products, ADAS products, Photovoltaic systems, Doppler LIDAR systems.

4) Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric manufactures and markets different categories of equipment and components, which are used for electricity distribution, energy management, and automation management. It provides access control, HVAC damper actuators, HVAC sensors, room controllers, and solutions such as AHUs and air/water cooled chillers.

Key products: Air/water cooled chillers, AHUs.

5) Siemens

An international conglomerate, Siemens operates mainly in the energy, healthcare, and infrastructure sectors. It focuses on the electrification, automation, and digitization of processes. The company supplies systems for power generation and transmission, medical diagnosis and specializes in infrastructure and industrial solutions as well. Siemens also offers various controllers for HVAC applications- including communication and standalone controllers.

Key products: Home automation system – Synco Living, Sensors, Room automation, Damper actuators.

A more detailed analysis is available in the Technavio report, Global Advanced HVAC Controls Market 2017-2021. Technavio also customizes reports based on the individual requirements of the concerned report’s buyer.

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