TDC A/S IT Sales Opportunities-2008

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TechNavio Insights has recently published the report ˜TDC A/S IT Sales Opportunities-2008™
TDC A/S provides telecommunication services in the Nordic region including Scandinavia, Switzerland, Hungary, and Poland.
 The company focuses its operations in five major segments: the Business Nordic segment, the FixedNet Nordic segment, the Mobile Nordic Segment, the YouSee segment, and the Sunrise segment, says one of the TechNavioTM experts.
To give a general overview of the main activity of these segments, it could be said that the Business Nordic segment provides corporate telecommunication solutions to Denmark and other Nordic countries in the form of data communications and Internet Services. It represents one of the major segments together with the FixedNet Nordic segment. FixedNet Nordic segment provides landline telephony for the residential consumers of Denmark including small office or home office (SOHO) customers and wholesale customers. 
The Mobile Nordic segment offers wireless communications services to the SOHO, wholesale, and residential customers while the YouSee segment offers cable TV services including broadband telephony to the Danish market.
The Group has two dedicated subsidiaries – the Sunrise segment, which provides telecommunication services in Switzerland and the HTPC (Hungary Telephone and Cable Corporation), which provides its services in Hungary.
 Apart from providing information about these segments, this new report launched by TechNavioTM Insights also showcases the revenues, net profit, the company™s total assets as well as the number of employees. Find out further details under: