SDDC Market – Market Trends, Drivers, and Forecast from Technavio

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As per the latest industry research analysis by Technavio, the global SDDC market is projected to grow at a CAGR of around 20% during the estimated period 2017 to 2021.

This market study by Technavio provides a detailed analysis of the global SDDC market in terms of emerging market trends and revenue. The report also comprises of an up-to-date study and forecasts for several market sectors and all geographical regions.

Technavio research analysts sort the market based on the components

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Software-defined computing (SDC): The SDC segment consists of server units installed in data centers that are controlled through software for assigning and managing workloads dynamically and efficiently. These servers are designed to meet the business and client requirements and can be customized to consumer needs. The need for additional computing is triggering the use of advanced technologies like cloud computing and big data analytics in various organizations.

Organizations are using SDC solutions to allocate computing resources quickly that will allow them to meet customer requirements and gain competitive advantages over others. SDC facilitates enterprises in allocating resources quickly and efficiently and enables policy-driven resource scheduling and intelligent workload management. These systems help organizations to utilize resources to achieve maximum efficiency and increase productivity,” says Abhishek Sharma, a lead analyst at Technavio for research on the data center.

Software-defined networking (SDN): SND is a directly programmed software solutions that include network architecture in which the network control and forwarding plane are decoupled. These systems help transfer control from specific network devices to manageable computing devices simplifying the management of network infrastructure in data centers. SDN offers control to the enterprises and carriers on the complete network through a single logical point, thereby streamlining the network design and operation.

Software-defined storage (SDS): The growing implementation of SDS helps enterprises to reduce storage cost and increase flexibility. The vendors are offering solutions that minimize issues such as vendor lock-in, especially for hardware procurements from their storage vendors and reduces the complexity involved in maintaining and operating storage operations. The SDDC market will be driven by the introduction of storage virtualizations that provide flexibility to add or remove storage capacity as per the client’s business requirements.

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The prominent vendors operational in the global SDDC market are:

  • Cisco Systems
  • Citrix Systems
  • Dell
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise

The other key players in the market consist of Pluribus Networks, 6WIND, Arista Networks, Avaya, Big Switch Networks, Brocade Communications Systems, Ciena, DataCore, Ericsson, Extreme Networks, F5 Networks, Hitachi Data Systems, Huawei IBM, IP Infusion, Juniper Networks, Microsoft, NEC, NetApp, Nexenta Systems, Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent), Nutanix, Oracle, PernixData, Pivot3, Plexxi, PLUMgrid, Red Hat, Riverbed Technology, Scale Computing, SimpliVity, and SwiftStack.

A more comprehensive analysis is obtainable in the Technavio report titled, ‘Global SDDC Market 2017-2021’. Technavio also customizes reports by other countries and definite segments upon request.

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