Rising Focus to Develop Novel Therapeutics to Boost Growth Opportunities in the Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders Industry

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Technavio market research analysts foresee positive growth for many segments of the cardiovascular and metabolic disorders industry in the next five years. In their recent findings, Technavio talks about three booming markets under the cardiovascular and metabolic disorders industry that are anticipated to generate significant revenues and grow at a consistent rate during the forecast period.

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Global Lifestyle Drugs Market 2017-2021

The development of new depression and sexual dysfunction drugs coupled with the rising instances of lifestyle diseases like obesity will drive the growth of the global lifestyle drugs market. The vendors in the market focusing on developing drugs for new indications such as female sexual dysfunction and genetic obesity is likely to change the market dynamics. Moreover, the rise in M&A will lead to an expansion of the presence of vendors in the market, thereby leading to further consolidation. The market is expected to benefit from increasing R&D activities, which will fuel the product approvals in future.

Among various therapy areas, obesity is the fastest growing segment of the market. The individuals are looking to adopt anti-obesity drugs due to the growing awareness about complications of obesity. The segment will witness an increased development and approval of drugs during the forecast period. Also, the vendors are focusing on inorganic growth strategies to cut down their product development costs and quickly penetrate the market. Request a sample report

Global Pharmerging Markets 2017-2021

The pharmaceutical industry across the world experiences a dramatic regional shift to the pharmerging market, owing to the opportunities available.  The massive growth potential in the pharmerging market has driven large multinational pharmaceutical companies to focus on the developing regions by pursuing organic as well as inorganic routes.

The market is expected to see a paradigm shift toward the adoption of biologics during the forecast period due to the increased need for the treatment of chronic conditions such as cancer, where there are limited treatment options. Moreover, the patent expiries of top biologics in developed countries will certainly lead to the increased development of low-cost biosimilars. The ongoing healthcare reforms in high growth emerging regions such as China and India will lead to increased spending, which will enhance the diagnosis and prognosis rates of individuals, thereby increasing patient pool substantially. Apart from traditional BRICS market, emerging countries such as Turkey, Mexico, Indonesia, and South Korea are likely to witness rapid growth during the forecast period, owing to the favorable market dynamics such as rising disposable income, healthcare insurance, and increasing chronic disorders. Request a sample report

Global Compression Therapy Market 2017-2021

The growing surgical procedures along with increasing patient pool with venous disorders and diabetes are expected to fuel the growth of the global compression therapy market. The increased preference for individuals in home healthcare applications has led to the paradigm shift toward the adoption of smart and wearable compression systems. Besides, the augmented focus of sports apparel manufacturers offering compression therapy systems will increase the sources of revenue in the market, thereby driving the market growth.

The compression therapy market is likely to witness increasing mergers and acquisitions, which will have a positive impact on the market. For instance, SIGVARIS completed its acquisition of BiaCare’s business. The acquisition enhances the SIGVARIS portfolio with product lines such as CHIPS LEEVE and COMPREFLEX, which are used to treat lymphedema, lipedema, and chronic venous insufficiency. Request a sample report

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