Market Dynamics of the Aerospace Components Sector to Change with the Growing New Aircraft Fleets

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Technavio market research analysts foresee positive growth for many segments of the aerospace components sector in the next five years. In their recent findings, Technavio talks about three booming markets under the aerospace components sector that are anticipated to generate considerable revenues and grow at a consistent rate during the forecast period.

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Global Commercial Aircraft Wing Market 2017-2021

Technavio predicts tremendous growth for the global commercial aircraft wing market with the number of new aircraft fleets to multiply manifold. With fuel efficiency and better performance as their primary goal, the vendors in the market are shifting towards next generation large aircraft that are designed with the all-composite fuselage and wing structures.

The aerospace industry is observing the extensive market development and structural transformations in the plastics market that have created countless business opportunities to influence the overall industry’s growth. Commercial aircraft wings also consider the growth of other progressive aerospace components such as helicopter blades and aerostat systems. Request a sample report

Global Commercial Aircraft Battery Market 2016-2020

The growing demand for aircraft performance optimization, lightweight aircraft, and reduction in operating costs and gas emissions have led to increased dispatch of reliable more electric aircraft (MEA), fueled by the rapid technological advances in electric batteries. The growing usage of LI-ion batteries bodes well for the global commercial aircraft battery market. In modern commercial aircraft, such as the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Li-ion batteries have been used as a major power source located in the forward electrical equipment bay and APU. Li-ion batteries support the refueling operations and enable to power braking systems when the aircraft is towed.

In terms of geography, the global commercial aircraft battery market is segmented into three key regions: the Americas, APAC, and EMEA. The market in APAC is expected to grow significantly due to the availability of large producers that provide lithium-based batteries at comparatively lower prices because of the inexpensive labor and bulk production. Such advantages will help APAC occupy the maximum share of around 39% of the total market share by 2020. Request a sample report

Global In-flight Broadband Market 2016-2020

Budding air traffic coupled with changing passenger preferences have necessitated airlines to explore more options for travel. Besides, airlines have to consider the price-sensitive passengers who tend to choose low cost, yet comfortable modes of travel. Therefore, the demand for in-flight broadband connectivity is increasing across various passenger segments to improve the passenger experience, thus, leading to its increased demand, thereby leading to the growth of the global in-flight broadband market.

The intense competition in the market is compelling vendors to make their products and service offerings distinguishable through a clear and unique value proposition. This move will drive not only the development of new technologies but also find a balance with emerging technologies that could affect their product lines. Request a sample report

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