Increase in Social Media Initiatives like Facebook and Twitter Promotions, to Propel Growth in the Global Pregnancy Detection Kit Market: Technavio

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The global pregnancy detection kit market was valued at $575 million in 2015 and is expected to surpass $726 million by 2020, says Technavio.

Technavio’s health and wellness portfolio has announced its latest market research report on pregnancy detection kit for the forecast period, 2016-2020. This market analysis discusses the major drivers and key emerging trends that will influence the growth of the global pregnancy detection kit market during the forecast period. Some of the top vendors listed in this industry analysis include Alere, Church & Dwight, Prestige Brands, and Quidel.

Among all geographies, the Americas will be the fastest-growing region in the global market for pregnancy detection kits, and is expected to reach revenues of over $280 million by 2020. Countries like the US, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil will emerge as the key revenue-generators in this region.

 “Vendors in the market are continuously focusing on innovations to expand their product lines and remain competitive. There are several developments taking place to add new features to these test kits. For instance, Clearblue launched the Clearblue Advanced Pregnancy Test with Weeks Estimator. Unlike standard kits that measure only the presence of hCG to determine pregnancy, Clearblue’s test kit measures the concentration of hCG to indicate if a woman is one-two weeks, two-three weeks, or three-plus weeks pregnant,” says Amber Chourasia, a senior analyst at Technavio for research on health and wellness.

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The new industry research report from Technavio analyzes some of the key drivers and trends responsible for the growth of this market and its sub-segments.

Rise in popularity of midstream format

The midstream format of pregnancy test is not only fast and convenient, but also safe, and gives accurate results. The test is becoming popular due to the constant product innovation, value added benefits, enhancement in accuracy and improved marketing. Midstream is convenient in a way that the kit involves holding the strip or the dipstick under the urine sample, unlike the other tests where urine needs to be collected in a vessel and then stick is dipped.  This test can be performed any time when a pregnancy is suspected. For example, the highly sensitive AIM MidStream OTC Professional Pregnancy tests can detect pregnancies as early as one day after a missed period or approximately 8-12 days after the time of conception. These benefits have encouraged consumers to buy such advanced detection kits even at premium prices.

Demand for POC testing

The busy and fast-paced lifestyle of people calls for the need for quick pregnancy test results. The increase in the demand for pregnancy kits has led to continuous product innovations, which facilitates quick diagnosis at the desired place and time. The early detection results in the elimination of anxiety associated with pregnancy detection and the need to see a doctor or visit a clinic. For example, Rapid Result Pregnancy Test by Church & Dwight detects multiple forms of the pregnancy hormone and provides results in a minute. Such early detection of pregnancy facilitates proper care of the patient, driving further growth in the pregnancy detection kits market.

Increase in unplanned pregnancies

There is significant increase in the number of unplanned pregnancies worldwide, mainly due to sexual intercourse, contraceptive failure (due to a condom break), forgotten pills, or sexual assault. The unplanned pregnancy rate is higher in the US, predominantly in South and Southwest areas of the Americas, compared to other developed countries. Almost 44% pregnancies in Europe and 38% in Asia are unplanned, leading to high demand for pregnancy detection kits. The increase in the rate of unplanned pregnancy has led to the rise in the expenditure on abortions. A pregnancy detection kit helps woman to find out whether they are pregnant or not, which also helps them to take timely decisions. In case if the test is positive, they can opt for contraceptive pills to avoid pregnancy.

Some of the other prominent vendors identified in this report are Boots Pharmaceuticals, Confirm BioSciences, CVS Health, Germaine Laboratories, KIP Diagnostics, Map Diagnostics, Piramal Healthcare, Philippine Blue Cross Biotech, Princeton BioMeditech, Rite-Aid, and Mankind Pharma.

This research report includes an in-depth analysis and market shares and sizes of the sub-segments and geography. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the key companies, including their market shares, business overview, key financials, etc. The market study also offers a detailed analysis of key drivers, challenges, and opportunities influencing this market.

A more detailed analysis is available in the Technavio report titled, ‘Global Pregnancy Detection Kit Market 2016-2020. Technavio also customizes reports by other regions and specific segments upon request.

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