Global Noise Detection and Monitoring Market – New Market Research Report

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The global noise detection and monitoring market is currently valued at more than USD 1 billion and is expected to reach USD 2 billion by 2021, says Technavio.

Technavio has announced its latest market research report on the global noise detection and monitoring market, under its power portfolio. This market analysis discusses the major drivers and key emerging trends and offers an analysis of key vendors like 3M, Casella, and Honeywell.

According to  Thanikachalam Chandrasekaran, a lead analyst for power research at Technavio, “Noises produced in manufacturing industries have a negative effect on workers. This necessitates regular inspection of noise levels as well as the adoption of hearing protection equipment. Monitoring and measurement can help maintain the noise generated within a threshold.”

The manufacturing industry revolves around operations that create loud noise and vibrations. These are usually produced by fans, vibrating panels, rotors, stators, turbulent fluid flow, impact processes, electrical machines, and internal combustion engines. Manufacturing processes such as crushing, riveting, shake-out (foundries), punch presses, drilling, plasma jets, cutting torches, and sandblasting also produce noise levels that are harmful to the people being exposed to it.

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Integration of wireless connectivity

Vendors in the global noise detection and monitoring market are focusing on offering products with wireless connectivity, which help the user to easily record, download, and retrieve data on noise assessment. Key vendors in the market are offering products with features such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. Such features enable connectivity between the device and smartphones, tablets, or computers as well as enables the user to control the noise levels remotely.

Provision of devices with intrinsic safety approvals

Devices with intrinsic safety approvals are ideal for use in industrial applications that involve fire and explosions. Vendors of noise detection and monitoring equipment are focusing on attaining this approval to increase the industrial customer base and the market share globally. To receive this approval, products have to undergo various tests and verifications to meet the requirements of intrinsic safety standards. These tests ensure that the device does not ignite a flammable atmosphere via sparks or heat.

This research report includes an in-depth analysis and market shares and sizes of the sub-segments and geography. An analysis of the key companies, including their market shares, business overview, key financials, etc. is provided in this study. This market study also provides a detailed analysis of key drivers, challenges, and opportunities influencing this market.

A more detailed analysis is available in the Technavio report titled, ‘Global Noise Detection and Monitoring Market 2017-2021’. Technavio also customizes reports by other regions and specific segments upon request.

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