Global Ceramic Machinery Market – Trends, Forecast, and Growth Prospects Now Available from Technavio

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According to the latest market research study released by Technavio, the global ceramic machinery market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 7% during the forecast period 2016-2020.

This market research report by Technavio provides an in-depth analysis of the market in terms of revenue and emerging market trends. The report also includes an up-to-date analysis and forecasts for various market segments and all geographical regions.

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Technavio research analysts categorize the global ceramic machinery market based on product:

Global ceramic machinery market share by product 2015

Shaping machinery


Glazing and decoration machinery


Raw material preparation machinery


Storage and handling machinery




The top three revenue contributing product segments are discussed below:

Shaping machinery market

In 2015, the shaping machinery accounted for around 30% share of the global ceramic machinery market. The shaping of ceramics involves several technologies such as injection molding, cold and hot isostatic pressing, pressure casting, uniaxial pressing, and tape casting among others. Among these technologies tape casting is a comparatively new shaping method, which was first introduced successfully to produce dielectric ceramic tapes. Slip casting, on the other hand, is the oldest method of producing ceramics, while uniaxial pressing is used to produce ceramic tiles, slabs or plates; these are characterized by a large pressing area and limited height.

To produce advanced ceramics, different shaping techniques such as casting, pressing, extrusion injection molding or sophisticated processes like rapid prototyping, freeze gelation, and many others are employed. Some of these technologies are extensively used and accepted while others are still undergoing development or are suitable only for laboratory scale or prototype manufacturing,” says Anju Ajaykumar, lead analyst at Technavio for research on engineering tools.

Glazing and decoration machinery market

Glazing and decorating machines find huge applications in the ceramic tableware industry. Tableware refers to articles used in setting a table for a meal that includes silverware, dishes, glassware, and crystal ware. Increasing focus on visual appeal and presentation as the finishing touches to culinary skills and the growing inclination for trendy lifestyles will drive growth in the ceramic tableware market. The other factors determining growth in the market for tableware will be the rise in demand for vintage-style glassware and dinnerware and a shift in preference from white bone china to natural shades. The rising demand for ceramic tableware will affect the growth of decoration and glazing machines, resulting in the increased demand for these machines, further propelling the overall market growth.

Raw material preparation machinery market

The dispensation of raw ceramics into ceramic products requires the preparation of raw materials, mainly ceramic powders, and the type of powder preparation depends on the application and quality of the product. Raw materials such as zircon and quartz are used for the preparation of ceramic powder. Ceramic powder processing can be broadly classified into two categories such as chemical processing of powders and direct contact of particles with some agents known as mechanical preparation. The mechanical preparation methods comprise crushing, milling in a ball mill or grinding ceramic raw materials into smaller particles. A ball mill is a machine with a revolving hollow cylinder partly filled with steel or white cast iron balls. Depending on the amount of ceramic powder and its properties, different types of mills are used for dry and wet grinding.

The top leading vendors operating in the global ceramic machinery market are:

  • EFI Cretaprint
  • Keda Industrial Company
  • KERAjet
  • SITI B&T

Other prominent vendors in the market include The other prominent vendors in the market are Ancora, Assogroup, Air Power, AKK Service, B.C.R, Bedeschi, Bevini, Bonfiglioli Italia, Breton, BMR, C.A.M.I Depurazioni, C.I.ME.S., C.M.F Technology, Capaccioli, Ceramco, Ceramic Instruments, Cerchimica, Certech, Cimma Ing. Morandotti & C., Cismac Automazioni, Coel Tunnel, Comaf, Comet Costruzioni Metalliche, Costi Automazioni Industriali, Cuccolini, Devel, Durst, Guangdong Modena Technology, Elettrotecnica Imolese, Esmal Glass-Itaca Grupo, Lasselsberger Ceramics, TecnoFerrari, System Ceramics, Julius Lippert, Keller HCW, Euroelettra Sistemi, Eurofilter, Euromeccanica, Expert System Solutions, F.M., Ferrari e Cigarini, Frac, Fuccelli, Gabbrielli Technology, Gape Due, Ingegneria Ceramica, IRI, Italstampi, Keos, LB Officine Meccaniche, LEMA Lavorazioni, LEMA Lavorazioni Edilmeccaniche Albavilla, Levikurve, M.D. Micro Detectors, Manfredini & Schianchi, Martinelli Ettore, Meccanica 2P, Mectiles Italia, Newton Serigrafica, Nuova Era, Nuova Lecon, Nuova O.M.I.P., Officina C.M.C., Officine SMAC, OMIC Impianti, OMNIA, Orizzonte, Omis International, Pedrini, Poligraph, Projecta, Realmeccanica, Ricoth, RIVI MAGNETICS, SE.TE.C., SIMA, Simec, Sitec Castellarano, Soltek, S.A.I.T, S.C.R. Stampi Ceramici Roteglia, S.R.S., Stylgraph, Technology Design, Tecnema Technology, Tecnodiamant, Tecnografica, Tecnosint, Tosilab, T.S.C, TCK, Tecnomec Borghi, Tecnopress, Torrecid, United Symbol, and ZS Tech.

A more detailed analysis is available in the Technavio report titled, ‘Global Ceramic Machinery Market 2016-2020’. Technavio also customizes reports by other regions and specific segments upon request.

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