CVT system market in the APAC to witness a rise in the adoption of power-split CVT systems through 2020

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CVT systems: Key market research findings

  • Globalization of the automotive industry drives market growth
  • Passenger car segment accounts for majority of the market’s revenue
  • Key vendors – Aisin AW, Punch Powertrain, IAV, and JATCO

Technavio’s market research analysts predict the continuously variable transmission system market in APAC to grow at a CAGR of around 12% between 2016 and 2020. The growth in the market is driven by the globalization of the automotive industry to increase the demand for CVT. APAC is one of the prime offshore location for automotive manufacturing owing to the government incentives, costs, and raw material advantages. Furthermore, APAC is home to one of the largest pools of experienced talent for the automotive industry and offers major advantages in terms of low-cost labor, compared to developed countries.

The new market research report from Technavio presents a breakdown and analysis of the continuously variable transmission system segments based on the vehicle type.

“Recently, there has been increase in the adoption of power-split CVT systems. Power-split CVT systems employ a planetary gear set with a diesel engine along with an electric motor that provides inputs to the transmission. These systems offer higher torque handling capability than traditional CVT systems,” says Siddarth Jaiswal, Lead Analyst, Automotive, Technavio Research.

During 2015, the passenger car segment dominated the continuously variable transmission (CVT) system market in APAC with a market share of around 84%. This segment of the market is flourishing owing to APAC’s significant role in the market for passenger cars. Strict regulations about safety, emissions, and fuel economy coupled with growing customer demand for better performance is prompting automakers to explore and equip vehicles with efficient and more effective mechanisms.

The key vendors in the market include Aisin AW, Punch Powertrain, IAV, and JATCO. The CVT system market in APAC is highly consolidated and is dominated by the four leading vendors. The market is characterized by innovation and the development of advanced CVT systems. The complex nature of the automotive industry is having an impact on CVT system manufacturers as they face cost restrictions and pressure from OEM suppliers. The top four vendors account for over 80% of the total market share in APAC.

A more detailed analysis is available in the Technavio report, CVT system market in APAC 2016-2020.

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